Melissa Morganson
Co-Founder & Stressed Out Mom
My pre-kids era was all about taking care of others at work. I was the “resource” in human resources and played the roles of administrator, therapist, mediator, counselor, disciplinarian, motivator and cheerleader.

Today, I’m a full-time working mother of two trying not to lose my shit on a daily basis. My main career focus now is on helping small overseas startups with people power. And through it all, I’ll do my best to share my thoughts and ideas about making work life easier.

Dan Hwang 
Co-Founder & Cubicle Inmate
I’m a life-long cubicle detainee, car-guy, motorcycle-enthusiast and a bit of a technology geek. If it’s got gears or a battery, chances are pretty good that it’ll hold my interest.

I started out in the tech industry back when dial-up access was a thing. Now, I’m banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to make cars drive themselves. When the keyboard chaos settles, I’ll gather my wins and losses and pick out a few lessons to share with office athletes all over the world.

Here's Our Story...
Cubicle Therapy started out as a very simple idea.

Help the millions of office workers deal with work stress. But, the idea grew beyond that. It isn’t just about getting through the work day, it’s also about improving the quality of life at work. Afterall, we spend most of our waking hours at the office. Sadly.

With a small team of writers along with our insight and experience, we do our best to find ways to make work life just a bit more bearable and dare we say, more enjoyable?

This is just a part-time gig for most of us.

Some of us are full-time cubicle dwellers at other companies - ugh. We know all too well what cubicle life is like at work. The good thing is that it gives us real world perspective of knowing what actually works and what doesn’t. We share the good stuff and toss out the bullshit.

A few of us are full-time working moms (queens of crazy) that somehow manage to pitch in with research and writing.

There’s also a small rotating team of freelancers here too. No such thing as a steady paycheck for them. It’s a constant and never-ending hustle.

So, the Cubicle Therapy team is a constantly changing group but the mission always remains the same - helping office workers like you improve your working lives.

If you have a passion for helping others and a background in health, medical and/or mental sciences, maybe you can write for us too.

We’re looking for bright and enthusiastic freelance writers that have that unique ability of creatively explaining complex things into everyday usable ideas that normal working people can understand and take action on. It’s all about easy and practical advice that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

If that sounds like you, drop us note here.

Feel Better,
The Cubicle Therapy Team