• Boredom is useful downtime for your mind
  • Take advantage of idle time for self-healing and joyful things
  • Being bored is much better than being stressed as fuck
It’s not that you don’t have things to do at work but nearly all of it isn’t super-urgent priority stuff. In fact, most of it is just repetitive shit. A lot of times, you feel like a robot at work doing the same mundane tasks over and over again, day in and day out.

There’s really no excitement - at all. It’s the same reporting, analysis, processing, etc. Nothing’s changed. Everything is pretty much the same.

And on the really boring days, you’re often watching the clock and seeing the seconds ticking by. This makes time move even slower. One hour can feel like an eternity inside your little corporate jail cell.

You make up excuses to make yet another walk-by lap around the office to chat up some of your work BFFs to kill some time, but a lot of times, they’ve got their hands full and can’t devote much office-bonding time with you.

So, now after your umpteenth time checking out the snack vending machine or freshening up your shitty office coffee, you sit at your desk, just bored out of your fucking mind.

You’re just counting down the minutes until you can head out for lunch with your lunch buddies.

Then, when you get back from lunch, you’re just counting down the minutes until you can clock out for the day and head home.

It’s days like this that make you think about how much you feel like you’re just wasting away your time.

However, that’s not the way to see it. 

Why Boredom Is A Good Thing

Remember back when you were a kid and you were bored?

It was excruciating.

Time moves a lot slower when you’re a kid, but when it’s compounded with idle time, it can drive you crazy.

The same kinda thing still happens to you as an adult, but unlike your childhood days, the boredom you’re experiencing now actually has a legit purpose. You just don’t realize it right now.

This short 3-minute video from the folks at Seeker explains why it’s quite beneficial.

VIDEO: How Boredom Can Be Good For You
LENGTH: 3:32
Summary points:
  • Boredom is when you’re unoccupied and feel restless
  • Boredom is mentally beneficial since it allows free thought
  • Idle time allows your mind to be more creative
While it’s been scientifically proven that having some mental downtime is a good thing, we need to point out some specific reasons why it’s so.

So, here’s why being bored at work is a good thing. 

1. Gives Your Brain A Break From All The Bullshit

Trying to get by, paying down debt, handling monthly bills, raising a family, taking care of aging parents, dealing with family/spouse drama, etc. can be a real fucking bear. And, this is on top of your own personal shit you gotta deal with.

Life can be such a bitch.

So, even though your job at work is boring at times, you gotta see it as a mental escape from all of life’s bullshit. Think of it as a mental version of a solo weekend getaway.

The boredom gives your mind some well-deserved downtime to not have to think about all of the issues in your life.

You can’t run your brain on full-speed all of the time. You’ll just burn out. All of that gray matter between your ears needs the break.

2. Lowers Cortisol Stress Hormone

Cortisol is the stress hormone. And when you’re in a life-threatening situation, it’s an ideal hormone to have kick in. It gets you into a fight or flight mode, ready to react and take action.

The problem is that we’re never in truly life-threatening situations anymore. And yet, our brain will still interpret that project deadline or executive meeting as a life-threatening event when it’s not.

When you’re bored at work, your brain turns down the flow of cortisol. This is a good thing because it allows your brain and body to maintain a more balanced state.

Bring on the chillaxing vibes and relax.

Why not try meditating at work? It’ll really cleanse the soul and mind.

3. Allows For More Creative Ah-Ha Moments

Ever wonder why “shower moments” are such ideal environments for breakthrough ideas?

It’s because you’re not actively thinking about the problem or issue directly. You’re just focusing on cleaning yourself up. You’re relaxed in the shower.

What happens is that when you’re relaxed like this your brain is working on the roadblock, issue, problem or challenge in your life in the deep background recesses of your mind.

And when you let your mind relax and do its thing, this is when you get those ah-ha shower moments. It’s those breakthrough ideas that all of a sudden come to the forefront of your mind.

And this only happens when you let your mind relax.

If you extended it even further, you can just not think about anything at all. In fact, zoning out at work is a good thing too.

4. Lets Your Mind Wander To Interesting Things 

Nobody works every single second of the day. It’s not possible and even if it was, it’d be unhealthy. You need to have breaks every once in a while. This is key to managing work stress like a champ.

When you’re bored at work, it gives you the chance to let your mind wander on other things not related to work. This opens the pathways in your brain to think about other curious things and in some cases, it will trigger new ideas for work.

This academic study from the UK indicates that having periods of boredom actually primes your brain for more creativity.

So, when you’ve got some time on your hands at work, satisfy your curiosity and dig deeper into interesting things.

Just be careful to not go down the rabbit hole for too long. You eventually do need to come up for air and send out an email or two so that you don’t look MIA.

5. Provides Time For Your Fun Hobbies

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get paid a boat-load of money for your off-time hobbies?

When work responsibilities aren’t pressing, you can dabble in your hobbies during work. Well, maybe not directly, but indirectly.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cyberloafing on your hobbies during some downtime. It’s not something you want to do for an extended period of time, but every now and then, it’s not a big deal.

Use the time to plan out the next project, purchase or whatever. This is a reliable source of happiness at work that you can take advantage of.

6. Grants More Self-Healing Me-Time

When was the last time that you actually gave yourself some real me-time?

Like without anyone else, solely for yourself?

Probably very rarely if ever, right?

Why not come up with a great excuse and pull a Ferris Bueller’s day off and treat yourself like the royalty you deserve to be.

You have to take advantage of this opportunity because creating more me-time when you’re busy as fuck is a lot harder to do.

Don’t squander this on spendy shopping sprees. Really use the time to take care of yourself. Book a day at the spa, go for walk in nature or do whatever it is that brings you ultimate self-healing.

You need to relax-n-recharge.

7. Presents An Opportunity To Think About Life

When you’re busy as hell at work putting out fires and your personal life is chaos, there isn’t any time for you to assess your life. Ya’ know, where you’re headed and if that’s where you want to go.

However, it’s quite common for people to start questioning what they’re doing with their life when they have the time and mental space to do so.

So, now is the time to ask yourself, is where you are now in life a good, bad or neutral thing?

Think it through. You’ve got the time.

What is it that you can re-prioritize in your life that will give you more happiness?

This could be about your family, career, money, etc.

Put a basic plan together and set some easy targets that you can achieve this week or month. Keep it very simple so that you can get quick wins because celebrating small victories can turn things around really fast.

8. Permits You To Plan Your Next Move

If the boredom at work is a persistent problem or maybe even part of the schtick and you’re more of a go-getter, then you’re definitely feeling stuck at work.

We feel you.

This kind of situation can be a real drag.

But, with the idle time you have at work, you can start polishing your resume, set up your LinkedIn profile and begin to put the feelers out there to see what other jobs are available that can bring you more productive joy. And, probably more pay too.

Or, maybe you want to jump into a totally different career. This takes more planning and effort, so use this time to figure out how you can make the switch.

Because, when things do pick up at work and it most likely will at some point, doing any kind of career management when you’re busy AF ain't easy.

Take Advantage Of The Boredom & Love It

Yes, being bored at work can really suck sometimes. We get it.

It can be torture sitting in never-ending boring conference calls or all of the back-to-back stupid meetings.

But, don’t lose sight of the fact that it could be a whole lot worse being stressed the fuck out.

Imagine being pushed to the point of exhaustion, dealing with an asshole boss or having to suffer at the hands of bitch boss from hell or being overloaded with so much work that you’re physical and mental health crashes and your personal and family life goes to shit.

Or, having a lot of idle time in your workday.

Which situation would you rather be in?

It’s a lot better and easier to fill free time with things you enjoy than having to try to find free time when you’re jammed up with too much going on.

Don’t see boredom at work as a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

And when you switch up your perspective and see it this way, then you won’t be clock watching at work as much and you’ll actually be okay with sitting in your not-a-corporate-jail-cell anymore workspace.

Feel Better,

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