• Bad bosses can and will set you up to fail
  • Keep an eye out for situations that make you look bad
  • Be ready to move on if things don't improve 
Not a day goes by without your boss nitpicking something or asking you to do something without much guidance or direction. They just want you to “figure it out” like you’re some fucking mind-reader. It’s frustrating as hell because whatever you end up doing, it’ll most likely be a disappointment to them.

Then, there are the bigger projects that have more exposure within the organization. And with these projects, it’s common for your asshole boss to point out your mistakes in front of others, especially upper management. It’s almost like they relish in the fact that they’re pointing out errors just to show the top brass how much smarter and better they are than you.

Getting any kind of kudos or recognition is about as common as hitting the lottery. However, when it comes to getting shit on, it’s nearly guaranteed.

It’s total bullshit. You never win. You’re always being knocked down. 

Signs That Your Shitty Manager Is Setting You Up To Fail

Do you feel like you’re becoming more of a failure at work? Are you starting to doubt your skills? Is your boss never satisfied with your work?

It might be time to start paying attention. You may have already gotten yourself into an insidious situation that's all too common in today's workplace: your boss is trying to set you up to fail.

It can be hard enough managing work stress, without worrying about someone deliberately sabotaging your success. But when it's happening, red flags begin appearing everywhere - if only you know where and how to look for them.

Here are a few telltale signs that will help identify if your manager has an agenda against you. Keep an eye out for these and you’ll be better prepared to take action and protect yourself. 

Makes A Big Deal Of Tiny Mistakes

We've all had that boss who seems to think they're holding the world on their shoulders and that their employees' missteps are going to cost them their entire reputation. They're the ones who make a big fuss over every tiny mistake, as if one misplaced comma is going to bring about the apocalypse.

And you know what? They're setting you up to fail. Because if you're constantly second-guessing yourself and trying to stay one step ahead of your bullshit micromanaging boss, you're never going to be able to do your best work.

It's like trying to drive a car with someone constantly pointing out every single road hazard and grabbing the wheel. So if you're starting to feel like you’re constantly about to crash, it might be time to find another car to drive with a new leader. 

Marks All Projects & Tasks #1

Working under a boss who treats every project as if it were a matter of life and death can feel like a never-ending marathon. Every task is an urgent request, every email is marked high priority and every meeting feels like a trial.

But don't be fooled by this hustle-and-bustle approach; your boss might be setting you up for failure. Think about it - if everything is a top priority, then nothing is. Everything can’t be number one.

This warning sign should be waving in your mind when you notice how frantic your boss is about even the smallest and stupidest details. It might be time to slow down, take a deep breath, and assess the situation so that you can learn to manage your boss. Otherwise, you might find yourself with more tasks than time to complete them all - and that's not a race you can ever win.

Removes Your Support & Resources

When your manager starts taking away all the tools and resources that once helped you get all your grunt work done, it's a sure sign that they're trying to make you fail. It's like trying to make a cake without flour or eggs - you can try, but it's not gonna turn out pretty shitty.

Unless you can grow some wings like a majestic eagle, you need a runway to take off. And without the support, tools and resources, consider yourself grounded. So, if your boss starts removing the runway, it's time to put on your parachute and bail out before it's too late. You may be better off just finding a new captain.

Overloads You With Bullshit Tasks

Are you drowning in a sea of tedious, menial tasks that seem to have no real purpose or impact on your career?

Do you hear that sound? It’s the alarm going off in your head.

Your boss may be intentionally preventing you from tackling the big, important projects that will get you the recognition you fucking deserve and boost your chances of getting that promotion you've been eyeing.

Let's face it, no one dreams of spending their days transcribing handwritten post-it notes or alphabetizing file folders. If you want to climb the ladder of success, it's time to put your foot down and demand meaningful work that will showcase your skills and abilities. 

Blocks You From Providing Your Input

If you've got a boss who always presses the mute button when you try to provide input, there's a good chance they're not just trying to stifle your creativity for the fun of it (although, let's be honest, some people are just like that). No, the more likely explanation is that they're trying to make your work subpar.

That might sound paranoid, but think about it, if you're capable of doing great work, you might become too valuable for your boss's comfort. This is especially true if your boss is a fucking clueless executive who can’t risk having you overshadow them. So, in turn, they almost always lower the quality of your work so theirs will look better.

They don’t want to see you shine and become a star in your own right. So, if you're feeling like your boss is intentionally limiting your potential, it might be time to spread your wings and find a more supportive environment. Your shine deserves to be seen.

Watch Out For Red Flags & Be Ready To Take Action

Beware the bosses that enjoy nothing more than watching you fall flat on your face. They're like the evil villains in superhero movies, relishing the chaos they create in their wake. But unlike those villains, these bosses roam free in the world of cubicles and conference rooms, making the lives of their employees a living hell.

From impossible deadlines to unrealistic expectations, they'll do whatever it takes to set you up for failure. Don't be a victim of their scheming ways. By keeping an eye out for their sneaky tactics, you can protect yourself and avoid any of their traps.

Remember, the only way to deal with a boss who's trying to sabotage your success is to stay one step ahead. So, get in the zone with your work, sharpen your senses and keep your eyes peeled for the warning signs and you'll be able to avoid being dragged down into the abyss of their misery while keeping your work awesome.

Feel Better,

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