• Coffee meditations are an easy way to build meditation into your day
  • Be “in the moment” and savor your coffee slowly for a stress-free start to the day
  • Daily coffee meditations can make work-life tons better
The alarm goes off and your mind is still in a haze of morning grogginess. Bleary-eyed and half-awake, you slowly drag yourself out of bed and head to the bathroom.

That’s when the dread of the upcoming day starts to sink in.

The crappy meetings you’ll have to sit through.

The fires you’ll have to put out before you can even get down to work.

The report you should have finished yesterday.

The presentation that could have gone a lot better.

The list goes on.

The only thing that will give you any chance of surviving the morning is your coffee.

It’s a non-negotiable way to kickstart your day and prepare you for the shit you’ll have to deal with when you get to work.

But you never get a chance to savor your morning coffee.

It goes something like this.

You stumble into the kitchen and grab the first cup you see. Fire up the coffee machine and jab the start button so you can get your caffeine hit asap.

While you're waiting for your coffee, your mind drifts off.

You start thinking about the presentation you did yesterday and how much better it could have gone. The coworker that fucking pissed you off. And that underhanded remark that Mary made at that meeting - what the hell was that all about?

The beeping sound from the coffeemaker snaps you back to reality. Your coffee’s done. As you’re gulping down the coffee, you're scrambling to get the rest of your shit together so you can head out.

Your morning coffee is an automated part of your morning routine to wake up. There’s no enjoyment in it and your mind is always somewhere else.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. It can be something pleasurable instead of a functional task. You can turn this rushed activity into a calming and blissful ritual to begin your day.

And it’s done through “coffee meditations”.

Don’t roll your eyes.

Coffee meditations can change everything. Getting “in the moment” with your coffee helps you ease into the day with energy and positivity. When you set an intention to drink your coffee mindfully, it's totally different.

Why Drinking Coffee Is Relaxing (Despite The Caffeine Hit)

On the surface, your morning coffee may not seem like the perfect way to relax. That caffeine hit is supposed to be energizing, right?

Here’s the thing. You’re seeing coffee the wrong way. That first cup of coffee of the day isn’t just a wake-up tool. It’s a transitional phase.

Instead of frantically rushing around and going through your morning routine on autopilot, you can slow down and relax. You can channel your thoughts rather than letting them be the boss.

Think about your Sunday morning coffee. It’s totally different. The pace is a lot slower. You’re actually sipping and enjoying the coffee, right?

Little did you know, you were actually doing a certain kind of meditation called “informal meditation”. When you’re slowly enjoying your coffee, you’re actually incorporating meditation by paying more attention to drinking and tasting it.

You’re in the “here and now” and not thinking about anything else.

This is called “being present” and it’s the core of what meditation is all about. So, even if you thought that you’re not cut out for meditation, chances are that you already are, at least in the informal sense.

When you adjust your morning coffee drinking into this format, it becomes a blissful moment of peace before the work-related chaos starts.

Your mind and body need time to ramp up. It can’t go from zero to 100 mph in an instant. There needs to be a transition. And that's exactly what you get with a coffee meditation.

The Benefits Of Meditation

First up, let’s clear up one of the big misconceptions about meditation. It’s not about “emptying your mind” and being thoughtless. Nobody except for monks can do that shit.

It’s about channeling your thoughts so they have less control over you.

You don’t need to empty your mind completely. This is one of those bullshit myths about meditation and it’s pretty much impossible for normal everyday people.

Trying to empty your mind just leads to frustration and you’ll just quit without gaining any of the rewards of meditation.

The more realistic option is training your mind to “be present” by allowing it to latch onto something that’s happening in the current moment. This helps to keep the million and one thoughts that are bouncing around in your head from driving you bat-shit crazy.

You’re focusing on what’s happening in the “here and now”.

You’re not thinking about last week’s rude-ass email that totally fucked up your day, the executive presentation coming up this morning or your annual performance review next week.

You’re “in the moment” and totally at peace. Your mind feels quieter and there’s a lot less noise.

It’s not the easiest state to achieve, especially if you’re new to meditation. If you’re in that camp, check out our ultimate newbie’s guide to meditation. It’ll get you going on the right track.

When you can get your mind into any form of a meditative state, it has a ton of benefits for your wellbeing.

This is where your morning coffee is the secret trick.

Coffee meditations trick your mind into doing a meditation. It allows your mind to focus on savoring the coffee and nothing else. This is because it’s easy to channel your thoughts onto something you enjoy - drinking java.

Here’s what meditation can do for you.

Meditation can be a game-changer for setting you up for the day ahead. It promotes a strong sense of calm but there are bigger benefits too.

It’s a legit way to be successful at work.

Your daily coffee meditations can improve your problem-solving skills and your ability to make decisions. It can also make it easier to focus your attention.

This study from Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience shows how meditation can help you to focus for longer. When you really need to hunker down on a report or presentation, regular meditating makes it a piece of cake.

And that’s not all.

This study from the Mayo Clinic says that regular meditation can train your mind to stop going bezerk. Those random thoughts that pop into your mind and totally derail your focus when you need it most will be a thing of the past.

It’s your secret weapon for supercharging your productivity and helping you get ahead at work. Pretty soon you’ll be getting “in the zone” at work with ease.

Even a short burst of meditation is highly effective for sharpening your focus. This study from Behavioral Brain Research suggests that you only need 13 minutes to get the most from your meditation.

And if that’s too long, then there’s always one-minute meditations, which anybody can do anytime, anywhere. However, the focus here is on coffee-time.

How To Do A Coffee Meditation To Get Ready For The Day

Coffee meditations are perfect for facing the day in a calmer and more positive way.

To get the most from it, you’ll need to tweak your mindset and see your morning coffee as a meditative ritual rather than a rushed routine. Once you do this, coffee meditations will become second nature and you’ll be reaping the benefits.

Try these tips for making coffee meditations that help you show up and succeed at work. 

1) Make A Little More Time For Coffee

The key to an effective coffee meditation is making time for it.

This is where you’re going wrong at the moment. You’re trying to do it all in a super short window and that shit doesn’t work.

You’ve gotta free up more time so you can savor your coffee slowly, not chug it down.

An obvious way to do this involves going to bed earlier and getting into a healthier sleep routine. It’s not that you don’t know how important sleep is for your health.

You have great intentions to get to bed early and wake up refreshed and raring to go. But you get distracted by all the shit you think you have to do and you’re still wide awake at midnight.

(Credit: Chaz Hutton)

Getting more disciplined about getting to bed early means you can wake up earlier and make a little more time in the morning for enjoying coffee.

We’re not talking about getting up at the crack of dawn here. You only need an extra 15 more minutes to enjoy your coffee slowly and mindfully.

Another hack is to plan ahead, preferably the night before. Create easy evening routines for stress-free mornings and you’ll save yourself from all the normal morning craziness. Being disorganized is one of the big reasons why your morning is such a fucking circus act.

It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Get your work clothes laid out the night before. Pre-pack all your shit before you hit the sack. Get the kids organized ahead of time too. The more groundwork you lay, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your coffee. 

2) Immerse Yourself In The Brewing Process

The meditation experience starts before you take the first sip of coffee.

Fresh coffee is one of the best smells ever, right?

It starts as soon as you open the bag of coffee. Instead of just scooping out the coffee, take a few seconds and smell the rich aromas. Waft it up to your nose and close your eyes and take it all in.

If you grind your own beans, it makes the coffee meditation experience even more mindful. The sound of the grinder and the resulting smell of freshly ground beans is an amazing treat.

Then as your coffee brews, immerse yourself in the softer more nuanced smells and the sounds of the drips, drops, pops and hisses of the machine.

It’s all about building the anticipation.

3) Take The First Sip

When your coffee is ready, don't dive straight into the first sip. Hold off for a bit - besides you gotta let it cool down a little.

Wrap your hands around the cup and feel the warmth. Notice the heat from the cup as you cradle it in your hands.

Breathe in the steam and let it warm your face.

Think about the texture of the cup too. Can you feel any rough edges or is it totally smooth? It is a heavy ceramic mug with contours or is it an insulated metal mug with reflective qualities?

Take note of how you hold the cup while this is happening. Are you gripping it super tightly or is your grip relaxed? If you can feel the tension in your hands and wrists, focus on your breathing and the sensory experience until you feel calmer.

And just before you take that first sip, feel the contact of your lips on the rim of the cup.

Now you're ready to start sipping your coffee.

Take the first sip and hold it.

Feel it warming your mouth.

Note how it feels on your tongue and the inside of your cheeks. Your tastebuds will quickly latch onto the taste.

What do you notice first?

Is it a bold taste or can you find hints of other flavors?

When you swallow, feel the warmth moving down your throat and into your stomach. 

4) Savor Every Following Sip

Keep going with this routine until your coffee cup is empty.

Keep noticing the flavors you can taste on every sip.

Does it change as you get further down the coffee cup?

Can you taste hints that weren’t there at the start?

And what about the smell of your coffee? What can you notice about changes in smell as you keep sipping?

Or you can just keep things super simple.

Sit back, relax and enjoy every sip.

Focus on the taste of the coffee and how it’s making you feel good all over. This is your moment of peace and by the bottom of the cup, you’ll be feeling relaxed and your mind should feel much quieter. 

5) Focus Your Mind On The Coffee

When your mind wanders (because it will) to other stressful things, bring your thoughts back to your coffee. It’s normal to have to refocus like this, especially if you’re new to meditation. With time, you'll get better at honing your focus but for now, it's okay.

Don’t listen to the bullshit myths about needing to clear your mind. Just keep channeling your thoughts on what you’re experiencing from your coffee at that moment.

If you need a little bit of help to keep your thoughts centered on your coffee, play this mindfulness coffee meditation while you’re drinking it.

VIDEO: The Coffee Meditation
YOUTUBE: The Mindful Living Show
LENGTH: 4:43
Summary points:
  • Coffee and tea are perfect for meditations
  • Sipping and savoring meditations help focus your mind
  • Mindful experiences like this can spark creativity and productivity

6) Put Your Phone Down

Looking at your phone while drinking coffee is a bad habit that everyone does. It’s almost like an automatic pairing. Drinking and scrolling often go hand-in-hand. This ruins the whole experience.

Don’t check your phone while you’re doing a coffee meditation.

Set it down.

Social media can wait.

It's one less distraction for your mind to fight when you’re trying to just enjoy your java in peace, free from all the digital chaos. 

Drinking Coffee Can Be Mindful, Not Just An Energy Boost

Pretty much any activity can become a form of meditation and your morning coffee is no exception.

But when you’re just gulping down your morning java while bolting out the door, you’re missing out.

Make time for drinking and enjoying your coffee in the morning.

Use coffee meditations as a way to build a daily informal meditation into your morning, even if you're a total newbie to it. Your morning coffee can quickly become a source of joy and peace and help you reduce all the chaos in your head.

And that’s one of the best ways to manage work stress.

Focusing your mind on sipping and savoring your morning cup o’joe gives you that all-important transitional phase and gets you in a good headspace for going to work. You're calm and in control, not frazzled and stressed out.

Put more simply, your morning coffee meditation sets you up for success.

Raise your cups to that!

Feel Better,

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