• Me-time is important and makes you a better human being
  • Be selective with your time to make room for me-time daily
  • Do something special for yourself every week that makes you happy
It's 12pm, and you're about to go for your much-needed lunch break.

Just as you're about to go, you see it.

Right there in the office.

Everyone’s still at their damn desk.

Not a single person went out for lunch, and all those who left are back at their desks, eating their takeout lunch while typing away.

Leaving now will make you look like the fucking slacker of the group.

So you mentally run through your options for “grab-n-go” meals that you can get quickly and eat at your desk like everyone else.


It's your manager asking for updates about the project, which you know he doesn’t need until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.


It's an email from another manager asking for that deliverable, even though it's not due till next week. Ugh, working for multiple bosses is absolute agony.

Dammit - so much for getting out for a lunch break.

Then you go home, and you’re welcomed to another world of challenges, to-do’s, events, problems, etc. You have to sort out your kids' issues, partner's complaints, and you just want to die. And sleep.

And in bed, you get that tap on your shoulder. And you wish you were single again.

Rinse and repeat.

It's a new day with the same bullshit. You’re doing everything for everyone else and nobody’s doing shit for you.

It’s time for a change.

Why You Need More Me-Time

Nowhere in that typical day did you do something for yourself.

Heaven forbid you should think about something as selfish as having some me-time.

Don't you know there are deliverables meant for next week that your boss needs now so that he could ask you for more useless work?

How is your manager supposed to get a trip to the Bahamas if you're too busy taking care of yourself and your needs?

How will your partner survive one day without sex? They'll definitely wither and die.

And your kids? Don't you know that if they don't see you for 24 hours straight, it'll be the end of the world for them?

We hope this sarcasm is not lost on you. Because, we’re laying on it thick.

If you had enough me-time, you'd have caught on earlier. If you did catch on, you're not off the hook yet.

Here are the reasons you need to ditch being selfless, and start treating yourself better.

You're More Productive

When you give yourself some personal time, you're no longer a modern zombie who craves more coffee with brains on the side. You can actually be a real functioning human that’s productive.

When you give yourself more me-time, you're able to de-stress, making you more focused. You’re able to get in the zone more easily at work.

One of the things that kill our productivity is constantly being worried - about the job, school, family, rent, and so on. It becomes even more unbearable when you're running on a nearly empty tank and are required to do a million things at once.

Taking a step back and relaxing will give you enough presence of mind to look at the bigger picture. You'll be able to focus on what's important at the moment, get it done, and move on to the next task.

All while enjoying yourself.

Yes, say it with us: ENJOYING YOURSELF!

You're Happier

Peace of mind. Bliss. Happiness.

You probably experienced all of that at some point in your life. However, now it seems like a fantasy - like something straight out of a Disney movie.

But it's not.

You've probably been thinking that you need to do all these things for others all the time so that it makes everyone happy and so you don't seem selfish and absorbed.

Well, fuck that shit.

It gets you nowhere.

You gotta take care of you first so that you can take care of others later.

And, when you do that, guess what?

You'll have more positive energy to help others, have more reasons to smile, be in a much better mood and less likely to make those around you miserable.

You Make More Money

Yeah, we said it - or wrote it.

It's sort of what economists call the income effect but with a different twist this time.

Having more me-time gives you the ability to recharge and re-energize. This ultimately makes you more capable of doing more on the shit that matters.

It makes you more productive, like we said before.

And guess who makes more money when they're productive?

Yes, you. Stop looking around.

Plus, you're happier and life’s bullshit won’t get under skin as much.

And when you're doing all these things and taking care of yourself, Boom! You're making more money for your company and for yourself. Because in the end, a worker who is genuinely happy at work puts in better work than a coffee-withdrawn, living mummified, everyday cubicle slave.

Not that we're saying it's you.

If money isn’t your thing, then maybe it’s having more time.

According to this study from Stanford University, allocating more time for yourself, with others you want to be with or activities that you enjoy can be even more satisfying than more money.

You Make Everyone Around You Happy

If you thought doing all you can to make everyone but yourself happy and satisfied will actually make them happy and satisfied, you’re dead wrong.

Nobody likes a walking zombie. You're no fun. You're always tired, stressed out, irritable, bitchy and generally, not fun to be around.

And you're trying your best to hide it. But trust us, your work BFF and others aren’t buying it.

So why not cut the bullshit and just do you?

You'll find that people will like you infinitely more.

You may not be into that whole “people liking you” thing, but let's face it, it's good for your personal brand and it’ll help you navigate office politics without all the drama.

And it's much better in the bedroom.

Remember that saying, “Just smile and the world smiles along with you”?
Yeah, it's corny. But dammit, it's true.

It Kills The Monotony

Day in, day out, you're doing the same robotic things.

Wake up.

Get dressed.

Drive to work.



Work some more.

Bitch about work to your colleagues.

Bitch about your colleagues to yourself.

Go home.

Bitch about home life.

Routine sex.


Kill me now.

But you can spice this up. Really.

Taking some time out for yourself and doing the things you love makes you relaxed, feel good, and happy. It helps you to see the joy in everything.

Even if you aren't as well-rested as you want to be. You're still pampered and spoiled.

And happy. Don't forget happy.

So definitely, no two days will ever be the same.

No, this isn't Disneyland. It's your new life! 

You Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Think about it - you're happy, productive, pampered, relaxed, and everyone around you is happy.

It's like a ripple effect.

When you take care of yourself first, you’ll be able to manage work stress much better and things become easier to do because you’re more re-energized and focused.

You stress and worry less, exercise more, eat healthier (ahem, with cheat days), meet up with friends and family and sleep like a baby.

It's like a real-life Hallmark movie. Enjoy it.

How To Create More Me-Time

Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but you can carve out more time for yourself.

And, you don't have to break the bank to do it. You can have more me-time on a budget. So, stop thinking about that trip to the Bahamas.

If you've not learned to pamper yourself before going on that vacation, you'll end up worse off than when you left. Because you'll be working while on vacation. Now, that's a definite no-no.

You’ll always have the same 24 hours a day - and it's more than enough. Think about it: 24 hours containing 60 minutes that contains 60 seconds that contains 100 milliseconds, all for you to do a bunch of things.

That's enough time. You just need to learn how to use it for the right things. 

1. Learn To Say No And Build Buffers

We get it. You really need to prove your worth to show just how capable you are for that promotion or bonus or being that perfect parent or spouse.

In fact, you’re really very capable. Anyone who doesn't see it is blind, and we're not just saying that.

But accepting every single task that comes your way, even when you're overwhelmed, is not the best way.

You gotta learn to say no and set boundaries to the bullshit things in life. When you do this, it frees up time for building in buffers to your day.

It gives you that extra 15 minutes before the presentation to relax and mentally prepare yourself. It gets you to the airport with a lot less stress. It turns your stressful commute into a relaxing joy ride.

Watch this 6-minute video snippet from Matt D’Avella, who is a practicing minimalist. He lays out the whole concept of creating buffers in your day to make life less stressful.

VIDEO: Why You Never Have Enough Time
YOUTUBE: Matt D’Avella
LENGTH: 6:18
Summary points:
  • Build buffers into your day for the unplannable
  • Saving time is about saying no to wrong things
  • Only say yes to the right thing at the right time for the right reason
Saying “no” to more things in life may seem like a frightening thing to do, but you gotta do it. You can't take it all on - that isn’t gonna work long-term.

Yes, it’ll definitely piss off some people and will be tough to do, but it must be done.

2. Delegate More Non-Core Stuff To Others

We know what it's like. You feel that no one can do this right except you. You further justify this because explaining to someone how to do it takes longer than doing it yourself. So you do it all anyway.

Look, we know that you wanna kick ass in life, but you have to understand that you won't be the best at everything.

Know that and know peace.

Once you come to terms with that, you'll be able to let go of the things that can be done better by other people. So, identify when, where and what to delegate to whom in your organization at work.

Do this at home too.

You partner and kids need to be contributors to running and maintaining home operations. When everyone’s doing their part and helping out, it balances out the workload.

3. Have A Schedule

Some of us work with an organized and efficient calendar. Some of us just wing it.

We're supposed to say, “to each their own”, but we're here to tell you the truth: having a schedule makes it easier.

The kind of schedule is entirely up to you.

It could be Post-it notes, Google Calendar, Todoist, or even a notepad. Whatever you feel makes you stay on track. Just make sure you have a schedule and follow it religiously. Doing so will help you get in the zone with work.

It works wonders. Tested and trusted. 

4. Cross Items Out And Celebrate Small Wins

This goes hand in hand with having a schedule.

Once you've completed a task, always - always - cross it out. You won't believe the positive mental state this will put you in. You'll immediately see how productive you are, and you'll be damn proud.

Plus, it’ll help you keep momentum when things get fucking hard.

For each time you complete a task, celebrate that small win and you’ll be creating that same ripple effect when mentioned earlier. It creates a positive upward cycle.

Every task that you get done will eventually lead to more “me-time” for yourself. And, then there's the bonus of you being happy and proud of yourself too.

5. Set Boundaries - And Never Compromise Them

This is one of those pieces of advice that we all know is important but never heed.

You probably keep telling yourself that “next time, you won't let it happen again.”

Yes, you will. Because as long as you're alive, next time is infinite.

So start now. Right Now.

Did your boss email you after office hours even though you explicitly told them about your plans?

Ask yourself, “Is someone going to die if you don't reply? Can it wait till tomorrow?”

Then let it wait till tomorrow!

If you already have the work done, don't send it then. Instead, schedule the email to send when you're set to start work so that everyone becomes accustomed to your schedule and learns to respect it.

6. Automate And Get Extra Help

Life is more comfortable than it was 30 years ago. We have technology that eases our needs, and we have access to information for the best services.

Use them.

Invest in that process. It's essential.

Do you hate to clean, and do you think it eats away at your time?

Hire a housecleaner once a week, buy a dishwasher, or get a robot.

Seriously, though.

No one is going to applaud you for doing things in a challenging environment. It's not a competition, don't ever see it as one.

If you need help, get it. Save towards it. Invest in that extra help.

You'll find that the returns on investment will be far greater.

7. Leave Room For Spontaneity

Life happens...

...and it's such a bitch sometimes.

You can't control it, but you can adapt to it. And one way is to allow good things to come your way by leaving the door open to it. It’s not gonna happen all the time, but it does happen.

You can do this by making room for spontaneity.

Be more flexible and open to it and you’ll soon find that little moments of serendipity will just pop outta nowhere. It’s bumping into your friend that you haven’t seen in ages, discovering a new hole-in-the-wall foodie place and who knows what else.

Keeping your eyes open and making space for the small positive things in life is the secret to getting through rough days.

If your schedule doesn't work out as planned, adjust and keep going.

Don't sit back, bitch and moan about it. Roll with the punches.

8. Learn “Good” Multitasking

There's good and bad multitasking.

There's the kind when you're in a whirlwind where you don't know what's going on. All you know is that you're just doing this and that and the other.

That's bad multitasking. You're not present in the moment, and it'll drain you.

Good multitasking is having in mind what you're supposed to do and doing them. Don't stop a particular piece of work mid-way to do something else. Finish it before shifting your focus and time elsewhere.

This is called mono-tasking. When you do this, you’ll be able to do more with less stress.

Simple multitasking comes into play when there's an actual pause during a singular activity.

For example, waiting in line for your coffee. While doing that, you can do things that set your mind at ease. Send a message to a friend and do some other relaxing stuff so that you can focus when it's time for work.

Don't bring stuff into where they shouldn't be. Don't freak out about work and reply to those emails during a family event.

It's still your life, but it's not that time of your life yet. Follow your schedule and monotask when possible.

A Few Great Me-Time Ideas

There are so many ways to spend your me-time, rather than having a good long sleep - which is naturally the first thing we recommend. There's no better way to recharge your batteries.

There are, however, other ways to get you more energized and relax. Here's a few of them.

1. Go Out To Lunch Solo

We mean really go out to lunch, not zooming downstairs to the cafeteria.

You have one hour in a day for a lunch break - use it and use it well. The choice is yours as to whether your want to pack your lunch or go out.

For instances like this where you want to make more me-time for yourself, we say head out for lunch.

Heading out of the office for lunch changes up the scenery. Plus, it’ll help relieve all of that digital eye strain. And, getting your ass unglued from the chair will do wonders for dead butt syndrome too.

When you go for lunch, make sure to stay there and eat. Savor each bite and try not to look at your phone except during emergencies - which, if we're being sincere, there's probably nothing that serious.

2. Dedicate A Full Weekend To Yourself Each Month

There’s nothing like having a full weekend all to yourself. If you plan ahead, you can treat yourself to a solo weekend getaway.

If having a full weekend to yourself is a stretch, try a Saturday and Sunday on different weeks.

When we say to yourself, we actually mean to yourself.

Don't think about it as an off-work time to do other things you don't like.

Take a break from all of that. It'll make your family even happier.

What did they say about absence and the heart and fonder? Now, you get it.

It's also an excellent time for you to recharge on your own.

Go to a spa.

Watch movies.


Take a road trip.

Do something for yourself during that time.

3. Dedicate At Least One Evening For Yourself Each Week

Yes, you may be the kind that comes home by 9pm because of the workload. Or maybe it's 6pm, because you’ve gotta get home and deal with family life.

Either way, you have responsibilities, which we encourage you to take care of.

But those responsibilities do not run every single day.

Take one evening out, a minimum of three hours, to do something you love, preferably something that’s not using the web or computer. Try “unplugged” evenings to digitally detox yourself from all the tech in your day.

And unless you’ve got some urgent project that night, let your manager know that when you’re off the clock, you’re disconnecting from work and checking out for the rest of the day.

If they're not understanding, then they’re just an asshole boss.

4. Get Into A Fun Hobby

This has probably been on your to-do list forever, but you've always thought you didn't have the time.

Guess what? You do.

Find something you love and do it.

It doesn't have to be fancy. It could be learning a language, arts & crafts, going backpacking, wrenching on cars, painting, woodworking or even playing board games.

Anything that you can absorb yourself into during the golden hours of your me-time.

Don't overthink this. If you find you don't like a particular one, move on to another.

Just make sure you like it and it makes you happy - that’s what counts.

5. Get A Furry Friend If You Can

You may think that pets are a lot of work. And frankly, sometimes they are especially when you’re working from home. It’s when Fido won’t STFU or when your needy cat just won’t stop laying across your keyboard.

But despite all of that, the joy they bring is endless and makes up for it multiple times over.

If you have a family, a pet is a great way to get you all to do something you love.

Taking a pet out for a walk or simply just hanging out with them is known to be therapeutic. It actually feels good to speak your mind with them. In a way, they’re not just pets but also our personal mental therapists.

So, chillax with a pet and you’ll both be benefitting from your time together.

If you’re lucky, you can even take your dog to work and enjoy the love all day long. If not, you can also have a pet caregiver for when you go to work. Yep, it's a thing.

Me-Time Is Mandatory, Not Optional

Now, it's 1pm, and you have to go for your lunch break.

You stand up and see it again - everyone's still at their desk munching and typing.

You smile, go out for lunch anyway, enjoy yourself and come back refreshed.

And guess who's the most productive for the rest of the day?

Everyone's wondering how you're doing it. Even the kiss-ass guy in the corner who intimidates you with his over productivity is looking over to find what your secret is.

And your family? They're noticing it too.

But the secret is simple.

When you create more time for yourself, you’re allowing your mind and body to destress, relax and recharge. You’re taking care of you first - being happy. That’s the secret.

Maybe you could tell them, but where's the fun in that?

Feel Better,

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