• Stress builds up as your workday progresses
  • Take breaks and do desk meditations to relieve stress
  • Self-care should be your number one priority
We’ve all had one of those days where we literally feel like the world is against us.

Every time you look at the clock, expecting an hour to have passed, you see it’s only been a few minutes.

Every conversation seems to lead to an urgent task, negative feedback or some office gossip you’d rather not be dragged into.

Between all the deadlines, stupid pointless meetings and endless tasks, you barely have time to breathe.

By the time lunchtime comes around, all you wanna do is escape reality and get away from all the madness that’s going on. But of course, that’s the exact opposite of what your day will allow. It’s another day of having to work through lunch.

By the end of the day, it’s so difficult to disconnect from all the bullshit and decompress that you often end up bringing all of that anxiety and stress home with you.

This isn’t ideal.

What you need to do is wipe away the stress as it builds up throughout the day with easy desk meditations. It’s one of the best ways to manage work stress during the day.

The whole point of meditating is to let your mind relax for a bit. Give it a mental timeout from all the chaos going on.

Here are just a few traditional and not-so-traditional ways you can do this, right at your desk.

1) Listen To Guided Meditations 

Guided meditations can be a great way to release stress and tension in your body. This is because when you're listening to them, you’re allowing your mind to release all of the bullshit and negativity so that it doesn't build up all day long.

There are tons of guided meditations on YouTube that you can tap into right from your desk. Having a voice guide you through a mini-meditation really helps you to stay on track mentally.

Here’s one of many mini mediations. The great thing about this one is that it’s an open eye meditation so that you don’t look like you’re falling asleep at your desk.

VIDEO: Find Your Focus
YOUTUBE: Headspace
LENGTH: 1:10
The great thing about these simple one-minute meditations is that you can do them right at your desk in between tasks.

Every time you do a mini-meditation, you’ll be getting rid of negative energy from your system while also releasing endorphins that make you feel more relaxed. 

2) Watch Soothing Landscapes

There are very few things that are more relaxing than looking out at a breathtaking and beautiful natural landscape. It could be stunning snow-capped mountains, tropical white sand beaches, rolling flower fields, serene lakes, etc.

There are tons of research like this study from the University of Amsterdam that prove that viewing nature really helps to reduce stress.

Of course, the best option is to actually go for a walk in nature for the greatest stress relief. The problem is that you’re chained to your desk. It’s not like you can teleport yourself to an exotic destination for a quick stress break.

Or, can you?

Thankfully, there’s YouTube. There are amazing drone videos of incredible landscapes with accompanying soothing instrumentals.

Here’s one of our fave YouTube channels and its most popular landscape video.

VIDEO: Relaxing Sleep Music
YOUTUBE: Soothing Relaxation
LENGTH: 3:00:21
Looking at beautiful nature landscapes is a great way to take your mind off of the pressing deadlines and office assholes.

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but it's important to remember that there are still things out there worth seeing! Even if it’s only online.

On days when you're feeling particularly stressed, take a break and watch some stunning landscape videos. Your stress will melt away as you focus on all of this natural beauty you’re seeing. 

3) Do Simple Breathing Meditations

In a hectic, stress-filled workplace, where you’re putting out fires all day, it can be hard to find a few minutes of peace. But believe it or not, a simple breathing meditation is all it takes to take the edge off.

All you have to do is breathe slowly and deeply. Inhaling slowly for several seconds, holding your breath and then exhaling to the same count. Repeat this cycle several times.

If you need a visual guide, check out our silent breathing timer. It’ll visually guide you through a short breathing mediation.

VIDEO: Silent Breathing Meditation
YOUTUBE: Cubicle Therapy
LENGTH: 1:34
The great thing about this is the fact that you can do this while you’re eyes are open right at your desk.

You won’t be getting any weird looks from your cubicle neighbors.

4) Stare Out Window & Zone Out

It's no secret that staring at a computer screen all day can take a toll on your mental well-being. It’s also the reason why so many are suffering from digital eye strain.

The good news is the solution to this problem is as simple as looking out the window for a few minutes. If you’re lucky enough to be seated next to or near a window, you can just lean back and/or swivel your chair and look outside.

Taking a break from all the digital slavery and looking out the window and zoning out for a few minutes can ease the mental stress and lower your blood pressure and anxiety levels.

The beauty of flowers, trees, and the sky is enough to bring anyone's stress level down for a few minutes. If you can, sneak out and go for a short walk outside for a low-sweat easy workout to double-up on the benefits.

5) Lose Yourself With Coloring Meditations

Ever see kids coloring? They’re totally oblivious to what’s happening around them. They’re completely enveloped in the activity. There’s not a single care in the world that’s worrying them.

You can be like a kid too with adult coloring.

When the pressure of work and other responsibilities is overwhelming, you can print out coloring templates called mandalas and lose yourself in detailed coloring.

Just Google search “mandala coloring book pdf” and you’ll get a bunch of free pdfs that you can download and print.

Adult coloring can actually reduce your stress levels by as much as 40%. Studies show that coloring stimulates many parts of the brain at once; not only does it release endorphins but also reduces stress and improves focus and creativity.

So what are you waiting for?

Print one out, grab some colored pencils and start coloring away your stress.

6) Do Active Daydreaming Meditation

How many times have you been sitting at your desk, staring off into space and contemplating about what the hell you’re doing with your life?

You're not alone. Tons of people go through this, especially when work is getting to you.

This kind of daydreaming is the bad kind. It just adds to your anxiety.

The good news is that you can flip this into a positive thing by actively daydreaming about the good things in your life. It’s all about practicing gratitude to generate good vibes.

Take a few minutes between emails and/or meetings and calls, and really think about things that are good in your life. It doesn’t have to be big complex things. In fact, the more simple it is, the better.

Active daydreaming can be just as effective for easing stress as taking a walk outside. Studies have shown that people who actively daydream positive thoughts throughout the day experience less work-related stress than those who don't.

It’s also a great way to trigger happiness at work when things are getting you down.

7) Do A Sipping Meditation

Your taste buds are an enormous sensory input that can help to redirect your mind’s focus to something other than work. Think about how many times the free office donuts have distracted you.

You can use this to your advantage by incorporating your taste buds into a deskside sipping meditation with tea, coffee or cofftea.

It’s a lot like a wine mediation where you’re focusing on the enjoyment of sipping.

You’re “in the moment” and not thinking of anything else. You’re smelling the aromas, feeling the warmth of the cup, taking slow easy sips, tasting all of the flavors, etc.

Allowing yourself to really enjoy the sipping and savoring of the drink will let your mind let go of the bullshit for a while.

Meditate Stress Away For A Great Day

When your workday is beating you down from the moment you sit down at your desk in the morning, you know that it’s going to be a tough one.

It’s not wise to fight your way through the day without any breaks. Your mind isn’t designed to take on the onslaught of non-stop stress. You’ll burn out.

The secret to getting through rough days at work is to wipe away the stress as it builds up as the day goes on. If you don’t, you’ll end up being so mentally drained and fatigued that you may not be able to stay awake on your commute home.

And worse, you’ll bring all of those negative vibes back home to your family and spread the bad mojo to everybody else.

You have to be good to yourself. Take care of yourself. That’s priority number one.

So, don’t plow through work non-stop.

Take a few minutes between tasks, meetings or calls, and do a desk meditation.

Your mind, body and health will thank you.

Feel Better,

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