• Working off of a single monitor is tedious and inefficient
  • Dual monitors provide more screen real estate for working
  • Get a simple USB auxiliary monitor and boost your productivity
Here you are, working on your project on your laptop. You’re grinding away on all of the grunt work and getting shit done.

You’ve got this one project that you’re working on where you’ve got to assemble everything from a bunch of different sources.

You’re having to pull financial figures from the Excel spreadsheet, read through a monster pdf report for key facts, gather data from across the web and then, paste all of that shit into the Powerpoint deck.

You have to repeat this process over and over to complete your presentation. And while it’s not difficult, it is kind of a pain to keep flipping from one application to another on your laptop to get all the information you need and put it all together.

It feels like you’re eating corn on the cob one kernel at a time. And when you know that you can take much bigger bites, this can drive you nuts.

While you’ve mastered the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut to toggle across the programs, you think to yourself that having another monitor would make things so much easier and quicker.

We’re here to tell you it does and that it’s time to step up your productivity game.

How Using Two Monitors Boosts Productivity

If you're like most people, you probably started out using just your laptop for work. But as your work began to pile up and your to-do list grew longer, you may have started to feel like you were trapped in a one-monitor world.

Luckily, there's a way to break free: by using two monitors instead of just one. By giving yourself an additional auxiliary monitor, you get more screen real estate, you can increase your productivity, boost your efficiency, and get more done in less time.

Here’s how it helps.

Less Screen Toggling & Flipping

There's nothing more annoying than having to constantly flip or toggle between applications on a single screen when you're trying to get work done. It's a total fucking time waster.

It may seem negligible, but every time you have to toggle over to the other program, that takes up a couple of seconds. And, if you need to copy/paste, then it’s a few more actions. All of this adds up.

With two screens, you eliminate a lot of this.

Side-By-Side Viewing Two Related Documents

Working on a single laptop monitor can be a bit of a pain in the ass and frustrating. But two monitors? Now that’s just ergonomic bliss.

When you can have two documents open side-by-side at the same time, you can easily compare them, or reference one while you work on the other. It’s also great for rapid copy-pasting and drag-n-drop moves.

Who cares if you look like you’re watching a tennis match with your head going side to side. You’re in the zone and getting shit done.

Larger Secondary Monitor Viewing Area

Your laptop screen is only so big - maybe 15 inches or 17 inches max. It’s a limiting compromise so that the laptop remains easily portable. The drawback is that you have less screen space to view documents.

A secondary monitor gives you that extra larger piece of digital screen real estate to view crazy big spreadsheets, slides and other docs without having to scroll across the screen or make the font super small.

The other bonus is that a larger screen can also help minimize digital eye strain since you’re not having to squint as much.

Easier Web Collaboration

Web meetings are pretty much commonplace now. And having another monitor is really useful for online meetings.

You can have the web meeting on your main monitor up and running. Then, on the secondary monitor, you can have your reference material handy and/or any other documents that you need on the side ready-to-go for sharing.

You’ll have your shit together and you won’t look like your fucking clueless executive who doesn’t know much about the business.

Multitasking During Web Meetings

We all have to attend stupid meetings every week that have very little to do with our core responsibilities. Most of the time, these meetings are a waste of time.

However, with dual monitors, you can remain silently involved and casually observe on one monitor while actually banging out CYA emails on the other.

And if it’s a really boring conference call, you can chat with your work BFF and catch up on things while doing simple editing tasks.

It’s Time To Rock Dual Monitors

Aren’t you tired of all this Alt-Tabbing bullshit?

All of this constant flipping between windows or tabs is not only inefficient, but also more tedious and stressful. It’s digitally cramping your workflow and making it hard to keep your momentum.

You need your thoughts to flow easily from your head all the way through to your keyboard taps and mouse moves. And, having dual monitors allows that flow to happen more seamlessly because you have more visual space to work with.

So, it’s time to step up your game. Find a simple USB auxiliary monitor and hook it up to your laptop this week. Once you do, you’ll be cranking out work so much faster than before.

And, here’s the best part, you’ll feel so damn good about it. You’ll get that productivity bliss that you’ve always heard about but never experienced. Plus, you’ll make your job more fulfilling and awesomer.

Get on it!

Feel Better,

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