• Asshole bosses make work-life miserable
  • Gather the tribe and build the case for their termination to HR
  • If things don’t get fixed, it’s time to bail and find a better job
Just thinking about work is enough for you to hate life.

It’s not that you hate your job. In fact, you kinda like it. It’s not the greatest thing in the world, but you enjoy working with your coworkers and the projects are challenging.

The job definitely has its ups and downs too so, it’s never the same old shit every day.

What makes work so fucking miserable is that you’ve got an asshole boss that just makes your work-life absolute torture. The kind of anguish that you put up with on a daily basis is already starting to negatively affect your mental and physical health.

Things like crushing stress, debilitating anxiety and high blood pressure are leading to things like weight gain (or loss), tension headaches, sleepless nights and so much more.

It makes managing work stress nearly impossible.

It’s having ripple effects too.

It’s negatively affecting your relationships with your family and friends. They don’t like what you’ve become and neither do you.

It’s gotten to the point where you have to do something about it soon.

You’ve gotta figure out a way to get your bad boss fired.

Why Shitty Bosses Suck

Work-life is hard enough as it is. You’re busting your ass day in and day out to get all the grunt work, key projects and tasks done on time so that the company can continue to be successful.

But when you have a shitty boss, it makes things so much worse than it should be. And when we mean shitty boss, we’re not talking about clueless executives that are totally incompetent. You can deal with that.

What we’re talking about here is the asshole or bitch boss.

Most office workers have, at some point, had a bad boss. You know, the type that makes your life miserable and always seems to be finding new ways to make you regret taking the job in the first place.

Horrible bosses don’t give a shit about you. For them, it’s all a selfish endeavor and they’ll do anything and everything to get their way, even if it means that they need to play office politics and trample over others to get it.

They will often force you to do things that don’t make sense, are illegal or more simply, just not part of your core responsibilities.

They’ll pile on more work without any consideration for your workload and will demand that it all gets done on time without any mistakes. They don’t understand or accept that everything can’t be number one.

Your input, opinion, feedback and recommendations don’t mean a thing. To them, you’re a slave that only needs to follow orders and that’s it. It doesn’t matter that you’re the subject matter expert. It’s their way or the highway.

What ends up happening is that they turn your formerly enjoyable job into something you despise. And you hate them for that because life was good before them. And now, they’ve turned your life into a living hell.

To make things worse, the bad vibes extend beyond the office and into your personal life. It ruins all of the love, joy and fun you used to have.

How To Get Your Bad Boss Fired

It's every office worker's dream, isn't it?

Getting your horrible boss shit-canned.

You have dreams of seeing them box up their personal belongings from the office and walking out with their ego defeated and totally not prepared for job loss. And, you’ll be smirking the whole time and lovin’ it.

But how do you go about doing it?

Well, it’s not easy and definitely not something you can do on your own. And, it’s not going to happen overnight as much as you’d like for it to. It’s gonna take time and plenty of planning, coordination and patience.

Here are the five major steps that you need to take.

1) Validate And Confirm Asshole Behaviors

The first step you need to do is to check yourself. Meaning, find out if your boss is an asshole to just you or to everyone.

Personality conflicts won’t get your boss fired. So, if only you think that your boss is a total asshole or bitch because you don’t get along with them, that’s not solid ground for getting them fired.

You’ll just end up banging your head against the wall with all the frustration.

However, if they are universally hated by most people in the company and there is solid evidence that their continued employment is destroying company morale, then you have grounds to take action.

2) Gather Support From The Tribe

Unless your boss does something totally illegal against you, there is very little chance that you alone can get your boss fired.

You have to understand that HR always has to deal with personality conflicts. It’s unavoidable. In their eyes, there will always be at least a few people in every organization that just can’t get along. And, personality conflicts are not grounds for termination for either party.

However, when one person is pissing off many people, then HR usually takes action. So, you need to reach out to your fellow coworkers that are also pissed off about your boss and get their support. You need to build up a group force and escalate issues to HR.

3) Document Their Shitty Actions

When you have a group together, each and every one of you need to document every single wrongdoing, illegal action, bullying and any other assholey things that your boss did.

This is because when only one person documents shitty behavior, the number of infractions won’t be that high and thus, will not accurately show how bad things really are in this toxic work environment.

When the entire team is capturing all the problems, it paints a much more accurate picture of what’s happening. Plus, it proves that it’s not isolated to just one person. It’s across the organization.

4) Meet With HR And Keep Records

The sooner you and the tribe can meet with HR, the better. They need to know when things are starting to get sideways so that they too can start documenting things before shit hits the fan.

You see, HR simply can’t just fire your boss. They need to build the case to upper management and then, your boss’s boss will have to make the decision.

HR also needs to keep records of everything so that if your boss does get axed, they’ll have all the legal documentation to defend the company against a possible wrongful termination lawsuit from your boss.

You and the tribe also need to keep as much detail and documentation as possible too. And, be sure to share all of it with HR for their records as well. This will help to build a solid case for getting your boss terminated.

5) Take Legal Action 

There is one kind of situation where you can take legal action against your company for your boss’s behavior. This is when your boss does something clearly illegal and/or against company policy.

This can be things like embezzlement, sexual harassment, fraud, corporate conspiracy, theft, environmental safety violations, etc. In some cases, depending upon the illegal action, you may have whistleblower protection from the government.

This is most often the case when your boss’s actions are violating Federal laws related to things like OSHA, EPA, FDA, etc. In these cases, the government may be able to protect you from any potential retribution from your boss and or the company.

If It Doesn’t Work, Make Plans For A Better Job

Work-life can be a real bitch sometimes. Everybody knows that there’s no such thing as a perfect job. There will always be ups and downs and challenges. And, that’s okay and it’s expected.

What’s not okay is having to put up with an asshole boss that does nothing for you and the company other than making everyone’s lives a fucking misery and bringing morale down. They are the reason why the organization isn’t happy and productive.

Now, you and your tribe can only do so much for so long. This shit can’t drag on for months or years. No job is worth that. You can’t lose your shit on this.

If HR isn’t stepping up like they should and/or upper management is turning a blind eye to this, then you need to get in the zone and seriously start considering other job opportunities outside of the company - to another company with kickass perks that values and protects the happiness, welfare and joyful productivity of its employees.

We know that you’re not in a happy place now. But, you’ll get through this one way or another. You can do it.

Feel Better,

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