• Toxic bosses make your life a living hell
  • Watch out for red flags and do your best to keep your head down
  • If things get worse, start making plans to GTFO and save yourself
Work is never easy - ever. The grunt work just keeps on piling up. And, your boss is constantly on your ass to get it all done quickly and perfectly. And, what makes things worse is that your boss has such unrealistic expectations. Everything is number one to them.

But, anybody and everybody knows that everything can’t be number one and that there are only so many hours in the day and only so much that any one person can do.

Rather than being understanding, cooperative and respectful of your time, available resources and capacity, your boss just expects you to do the impossible. So, the work and demands just keep on piling up. And, it's leading to burnout.

Their insensitive behavior extends beyond work-related tasks and projects too. Their personality and attitude often border on the cusp of being an asshole boss. You start to wonder if you have a toxic boss on your hands.

What Is A Toxic Boss & Why It Fucking Sucks To Work For One

A toxic boss is a manager whose behavior can be incredibly damaging to those around them. They frequently leave employees feeling demoralized, disconnected and alienated from their jobs. Or more simply, they make everyone feel like shit.

These work jerks will not only undermine the autonomy of their direct reports, but also rob everyone’s sense of purpose which is essential to success within a workplace. On top of this, they don’t recognize their employees' contributions and achievements. Nobody gets the recognition that they fucking deserve. Instead, they prefer to take all of the credit for themselves.

This kind of behavior can be incredibly destructive in a working environment and when it gets really bad, the negative impact can extend beyond the workplace to people’s personal lives. It’s not unusual to hear about how some bad bosses have severely damaged the personal and family relationships of employees. It’s awful.

Beyond the emotional and mental toll, toxic managers can also mess you up physiologically. It’s things like high blood pressure and stress levels, persistent tension headaches, sleep disruption and deprivation, excessive weight gain or loss. The list goes on and on.

Working for a soul-crushing toxic boss will make your life a living hell and they’ll destroy what little joy you have left. You’ll feel like quitting your job every single day.

The Red Flags & Signs Of A Toxic Boss

Everyone has bad days at work and it can be really shitty at times, but when things go from annoying to downright hostile it’s time to put down the free office donuts and start paying attention. Because if you don’t, there’s a good chance that shit will hit the fan and you’ll be on the firing line.

Understanding what makes your boss tick isn't always easy especially if they are particularly sly and difficult. However, recognizing signs of toxicity is an important first step in learning how to navigate around their behavior and making plans to escape.

Being aware of common red flags like bullying or poor communication can help mitigate potential conflict, and keep your professional relationship healthy and your personal brand untarnished. After all, there's nothing worse than working hard for someone who isn't even worth it!

Here are some of the big key signs that your boss could be bad news – like the kind where you need to start making plans to save and protect yourself.

Unrealistic Bullshit Expectations

Toxic bosses are often inflexible bastards with their expectations. They almost always demand perfection with fast turnarounds no matter the circumstances or limitations at hand. It sucks to be on the receiving end of these bullshit expectations.

What ends up happening is that as the demands increase, employee stress, burnout, anxiety and fear all go sky-high. You end up having to use sick days for mental health days more than you’d like. It kills all work-life balance and often results in ripple effects in personal and family life.

Rarely Listens To Others

Working for a toxic boss is a nightmare. They never seem to stop talking and always overrule others with their "right answer". In reality, these empty suits with bad attitudes are not interested in hearing anyone else's opinion.

It makes teamwork nearly impossible because their restrictive attitude creates a lack of dialogue and innovation and leaves employees frustrated. Instead of trying to work together to improve and develop ideas, they always insist on pushing their own judgement and agenda with no regard for any alternate views and/or opinions. Dealing with a narcissistic boss is such a drain on your energy.

Micromanage The Shit Out Of People

It's really hard to focus and get in the zone with work when your manager hovers over your shoulder all fucking day long. You know that you'll most likely receive “instructional” interruptions on how to do the job correctly, according to them.

That's precisely what a bullshit micromanager boss is, one who takes micromanagement to a whole new level of frustration. Not only do they consistently demand details, but they also have an unreasonable expectation that the result will be perfect to their specific standards. There’s very little to no freedom in being able to do your work in the manner that best fits your style and delivers the right results.

Never Has Your Back & Never Promotes Growth

A toxic boss never has your back, no matter what. It's crystal clear that their only goal is to get ahead - and make sure everyone else stays a few steps behind. They’re pros at playing office politics and when you’re not looking, they’ll fucking throw you under the bus without any hesitation.

If you think having a mentor couldn't be further away, dealing with a destructive manager makes it seem like they're living in a different universe. They don't promote your career development or recognize any achievements. A toxic boss feeds off draining the life out of employees and is not concerned about your growth or advancing it in any meaningful way.

All they want is success for themselves and they are always concerned about forming alliances and power dynamics that will boost their status instead of being a servant leader and building strong teams that get shit done.

Lacks Empathy And Common Courtesy

A clear warning sign is if your manager isn’t in tune or observant of other people’s emotions. They rarely, if ever, take other people’s feelings into consideration. In other words, these bosses don’t give a shit about others.

It’s common for them to lash out at others during meetings. Some have even gone to certain lengths to insult others not only at a professional level but a personal level too. They have zero emotional intelligence.

This is also paired with the fact that they don’t have any common courtesy and cubicle etiquette. It’s like when they take that last cup of coffee and don’t make another fresh pot for others - no fucking office coffee etiquette.

Never Gives Praise And Kudos

Toxic bosses never seem to give out compliments. They’re just bullshit seagull managers that mostly point out negative things. It almost seems like they are doing it on purpose. The lack of positive reinforcement and acknowledgment for the team’s efforts can seem so bewildering that you may feel like you are stuck in a cycle of endless work without appreciation.

Toxic bosses prefer to take the negative approach of highlighting their employees' shortcomings and/or mistakes, while conveniently ignoring all the good things they have achieved. It is hard to give your best and have fun at work when all your boss ever offers up is criticism and negativity.

Two-Faced Personality

You’ve heard of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, right? Well, toxic bosses have dual personalities that make them both irresistible and irredeemable. They turn on the charm when kissing the boss’s ass, yet they go off on subordinates like an erupting volcano.

Toxic bosses are notorious for having two-faced personalities where they are overly pleasant to their bosses but become complete asshole dictators to their subordinates. They may give their boss a sugar-coated smile and honeyed words on one end, yet when talking with their direct reports on the other, they transform from sweet and gentle to domineering and authoritarian. 

High Resignations And Turnover Within The Team

It's well-known that demoralizing bosses often have the highest staff turnover rates on their team. Take a look at the internal job board postings and history for any position in their group and you’ll see that nobody lasts more than a few months or a year tops.

This is a huge red flag. This is because nobody wants to put up with their torment. It's easy to understand why so many people throw in the towel so quickly. Employees find themselves quitting sooner rather than later, leaving those bosses in need of a whole new group of victims when the current staff wise up and bail out. 

Watch For Signs & Be Ready To Move On

Toxic bosses can be incredibly draining, both emotionally and physically, making it difficult to stay motivated or perform at a high level in the workplace. If you spot any of these signs in your manager, be really careful, cover your ass, keep your head down and stay on your toes.

If the signs persist or start to grow stronger, begin planning a GTFO move internally to another department or group or even, start looking for better opportunities outside of the company to boost your career.

Remember, nobody’s gonna take care of you better than you.

Feel Better,

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