• Hating your new job is an emotional roller coaster
  • Don’t make any snap decisions right now
  • Put a plan together and you’ll get to a better place
It was a great opportunity. One that you couldn’t turn down. So, you eagerly jumped at the chance to start a new job. A fresh start to something new.

The first few days were all about getting familiar with other people and all the various processes and procedures. It was like on-the-job training and orientation all combined into one.

It was all hunky-dory during those first few days and maybe even the first couple of weeks. It was exciting. You felt like the new kid in school but in a good way.

But then, everything suddenly turned to shit. It was like somebody pulled the rug out from under your feet and you got body-slammed to the floor.

Maybe, your boss was all smiles and friendly during the interview. Now, it’s like they’re a totally different person - clearly an asshole boss from hell.

Or maybe, it was the fact that the job responsibilities didn’t match up with your expectations. Maybe, it was much harder than you thought or perhaps it was a bait-n-switch situation.

Whatever your new job situation is right now, the main issue here is that you hate your new job and don’t know what the fuck to do.

Things You Can Do When You Hate Your New Job

When you’ve just started a new job and quickly realized that you hate it, you’ve got a major problem on your hands. You’re now grappling with how to deal with the shitty situation and how you made such a big mistake.

If you could only turn back time and go back to where you were before, that’d be perfect. You can stay where you were or maybe, choose another option. But, you’re not Marty McFly and you don’t have a DeLorean time machine car to travel back in time.

You probably feel like you’re stuck and trapped in a bad spot. However, the reality is that you have the power to change this. So, don’t get yourself all down about it because that’ll just make things worse. You gotta stay positive and work a solution to this.

Here are some ideas to get the gears turning in your head. Use the combination that will work best for you and your circumstance.

1) Quit & Go Back To Your Old Job

If you left your former employer on good terms and are still in contact with your old boss, then reach out to them and ask if they’ve backfilled your spot or not. You may feel weird about asking for your old job back, but don’t. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to them and asking if you can return.

There’s no shame in returning to your old job, especially if it was a job you liked and had fun at work. You’ve got nothing to lose. The only thing you’ll lose is the shitty situation you’re in now.

2) Give It A Few Months & See If It Gets Better

Jumping into a new job and maybe even also a new industry will be a total shock to your system. You’ll be overwhelmed AF for sure. You’ll feel like you’re in over your head. It’s like you’ve jumped into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. In situations like this, you’ll be drowning in work and barely able to keep your head above water.

The key here is not to go it alone. You need to reach out to your new boss and colleagues and ask for help during this transition. If they’re not a bunch of assholes, they give you a helping hand.

3) Get Started On Lining Up Another Opportunity

If the new job is a complete mismatch for you and it’s not feasible or realistic to adjust to things, then you need to stick it out for a few weeks while looking for another opportunity.

You may feel like wanting to quit right on the spot, but it’s better that you don’t. Even though it’s a job you hate, at least you’re getting a paycheck for the suffering. Having an income to keep you afloat is essential because it’ll help to pay the bills.

Looking for another job is far easier when you’re already employed. So, get disciplined and dedicate a couple of hours every evening to your job search. And don’t ignore recruiters during this stage.

4) Find Some Positive Meaning To Carry You Over

When you’re in a bad situation, the only thing you can think of is how shitty everything is. The unfortunate thing is that this kind of negativity is pre-programmed in our heads. You need to quiet the asshole in your head and take a much broader perspective on things.

You’ve gotta train your mind to keep a positive attitude at work because if you don’t, it’ll be much harder. Find the good things in your situation. And, don’t say that there aren’t any because that’s bullshit. There’s good in everything you do.

5) Communicate Mismatched Or Unrealistic Expectations

Have you talked with your new boss or HR about your situation?

You’d be surprised at how many people never take this first step in communicating their situation with others. A lot of people will just suffer silently. It’ll be nearly impossible to stay motivated when shit isn’t working out.

If your boss and HR don’t know about the tough spot you’re in, they’ll just think that everything’s okay. You need to explain and share your thoughts and feelings about the new job and how it’s not a good fit. By doing this, there’s a chance that they can make some adjustments so that both sides are better off. 

6) Ask To Change Job Responsibilities

If the current job has a broad scope and/or is flexible in terms of its contributions to the company, then ask your boss and HR about changing the job responsibilities so that it matches up better with your skills and background. When things line up, that’s when you can get in the zone and be the superstar you want to be.

In many cases, there is some leeway in the job roles and responsibilities. Just don’t expect a wholesale change. When the company has spent a lot of time searching for and recruiting good candidates, they want to keep them.

7) Seek Internal Transfer To Another Position

If the new company is a fairly large one, try sticking it out for a few months while seeking out other positions within the company. It’s much easier to get a “new job” within the company than it is to get one externally.

You don’t want to do this immediately, but give it a few months and also talk to your boss about how you feel about the current situation. You want to be an adult at work - be upfront and honest and let them know that you’re gonna do your best but would like to explore other positions within the company.

8) Shift Mindset To See It As A Career Stepping Stone

No matter what the job is, there is always something that you can learn from and build your experience to higher levels. Really analyze your new job and write down all the ways that it can help you springboard to another opportunity. This way, you won’t feel stuck and desperate but optimistic.

This is a great way to make your job more fulfilling and “awesomer” and it just may help you turn things around. Identify specific things that will help you move your career upward. Even the smallest of things can be great learning opportunities.

9) Go Into Coasting Mode

In this option, you’re not looking to make big waves in your new job that you hate. In fact, you’d want to do the exact opposite and do everything that is expected of you and the position, but no more. In other words, you can opt to go into coasting mode.

You have to be careful when doing this because if you don’t keep up with the grunt work, it will attract attention in a bad way and you could get put on some kind of probation or “performance plan”. Then, you’ll be preparing for job loss. Don’t put yourself in that position.

10) Vent & Share Your Frustrations

When you’re going through some tough times, you don’t want to bottle up all of the feelings and emotions that you’re going through. You have to “feel it to heal it”.

Ever seen kids crying their eyes out about something?

They’re pouring all of their emotions out completely unfiltered. And once they’ve got it all out of their system, they’re back to normal like nothing ever happened.

You’ve gotta do the same thing here.

Don’t hold these negative emotions in. Get with your BFF and vent and unload all of the bullshit so that you can get a mental and emotional release. This will go a long way in shedding all of the negativity and clearing the way for creating more positivity.

11) Ask For Advice & Help From Others

Don’t limit yourself to just talking with others in the company. Reach out to others in your personal circles outside of work or maybe even your peer mentors about your situation. There’s a chance that somebody knows exactly what you’re going through and can help.

Having other people to lean on for mental and emotional support is one of the secrets to getting through rough days ahead of you - and you will have some tough times to get work through. So, don’t go it alone. Ask for advice and help.

12) Use A Survival Mantra

Mental mantras are little mental hacks that you can use on yourself to stay sane when you’re about to lose your shit and feel like pulling the ripcord. These mental phrases that you can recite to yourself can help to dial things down.

One popular option is to use the “It’s just a job” mantra to survive during these shitty times. It’s one of the ways to manage work stress and maintain your mental health and sanity.

Whatever mantra you use, just be sure that it’s grounded in reality and not some far-fetched impossibility or bullshit thing. It’s gotta be real and relatable.

This Is Only Temporary & Good Things Will Come Soon

There’s no question that you really feel like quitting your job. That’s a normal reaction to all the things you’re going through right now. You’re riding an emotional roller coaster now which is to be expected when you hate your fucking job.

The key thing here is to not overreact and make some snap decisions without thinking things through for a bit. Take things one step at a time and one day at a time. That’s the only way to do this so that you can come out the other end in a better position.

And, you will be in a better place even though you can’t see it happening now. This is because you’re so focused on the bad side of things that you don’t see anything else.

Nobody can see the top of a 100-step staircase from the bottom, but everybody can see the first few steps. Keep your head up and take the first steps that you know you need to take. One foot in front of the other. You’ll get to the top - we promise.

Feel Better,

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