• Simple consistent activities are enough to kickstart your day
  • Fun and uplifting activities set a positive tone for the day
  • You only need the right mindset to make for a great day
Beep. Beep. Beeeeep.

That's your alarm that you've snoozed for the fourth time already and you know that you can't get away with a fifth snooze.

Dammit, time to get up.

So you get up wearily to find you have yet another back cramp and a stiff sore neck. What was that thing about yoga again? Ugh, never mind, you're already late for work.

You can barely see two feet ahead of you but you make it to the bathroom, and the kitchen, and then to some glorious coffee.

It can’t brew fast enough. You gulp it down.

And so the whirlwind that is your morning now officially begins.

You’re scrambling to get dressed, pack all your shit, and get the kids fed and ready to go. It’s mad-dash to get everyone including yourself out the door, on time and with everything that’s needed.

Does that sound like your morning?

It’s not exactly the most calming way to start the day. Mornings like this just crank up your stress levels in a bad way.

It’s time to rethink this.

Why Starting Your Day On A Positive Note Is Important

Well, it's been proven time and again how starting your morning right leads to a smooth day. The trouble is that the morning starts are never really a joyous activity. You can’t go from being in a slumber to a smiley face instantly.

Nobody wakes up in a happy-go-lucky mood. They’re annoying anyway. Most of us are pretty weary when we’re getting started.

This is why a transitional phase is so important. When your morning starts on a good note through a transitional phase instead of the instant manic-panic that normally takes place, you set yourself up for success.

Here are some of the big reasons why you need to start things off well.

It Makes You Healthier

You've always heard that early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. It's actually true.

You see, according to this study published by the American Psychological Association, "morning-type" individuals reported higher health effects than others. They found that the morning larks beat the night owls especially as they got older.

They explained that - reality alert - as people get older they tend to have more improved well-being relative to younger adults due to “morningness.” They even have a fancy name for it, so hey.

It Improves Your Productivity 

We swear this is not a cheap ad. It's a whole big thing with so many studies showing this relationship.

According to this study from the University of Konstanz in Germany, surveys were conducted with various employees and the results show that being physically and mentally refreshed in the morning leads to improved “daily task performance, personal initiative, and organizational citizenship behavior.”

Duh, no shit, right?

It’s all about getting enough rest so that your mind and body are fully recharged.

It Helps With Managing Your Emotions

If there's anything we hate more than being told to calm down - it's being told to calm down twice.

“What? Just because I'm sleep deprived, coffee-addicted, and overworked which may have made me emotionally unstable doesn't mean I'm totally emotionally unstable.”

Admit it, you've said that or thought it at some point before. It's not pretty but it is what it is.

Starting your day on a positive note helps to clear your head and keep you centered.

There are sooo many reasons why you should start your day right but we can't go on or we'll never finish. So let's get to the meat of this.

Kick-Ass Ways To Kickstart Your Day

Now, you've heard the word morningness, don't think it's going away from your vocabulary any time soon.

A basic, non-negotiable - not even for chocolates - requirement to achieve your kickass day is sleep. We mean a solid 7-8 hour long sleep, not the measly hours we're getting now.

This study from the National Sleep Foundation says that it's important to get at least seven hours of sleep to achieve optimal health and well-being.

We know you don't always have seven hours a day to sleep, even though you practically do, so you don't have to sleep for these hours straight. However, that’s the most ideal.

You can always break it up.

For example, maybe you can take a nap at work for an hour, and maybe another one right when you get home and then, get the remaining five hours at night. Wherever that fits into your schedule.

Or, get to bed earlier by planning your schedule around your sleep time. If you can do this and stick with it, it'll work wonders. Seriously.

Now that we've established sleep as an important part of your day with zero compromises, let's look at some ways to kickstart each point in your morning.

At Home Before Leaving For Work

Your mornings are probably more like controlled chaos than a serene and peaceful start. When you go from 0-100 mph without some kind of transitional period, you’re triggering a lot of unnecessary stress into your morning.

You need to have some kind of ramp-up.

Here are some great activities to get you going before leaving for work.

1. Do Simple Stretches And Light Exercises

Look, if you can run two miles in under 15 minutes, then sure. Go for it.

But for the normal non-Usain Bolt people like us, stretches and light, low-impact exercises are good enough to get you going.

Both activities improve your muscle flexibility and increase blood flow to your brain and body, which will get you going at a more reasonable place.

You could start with basic stretches and gradually move over to light exercises. These exercises already include stretches before and after so it's like a 2 for 1 - and who doesn't love 2 for 1s?!

So once you feel yourself getting comfortable with the stretches, push yourself a bit more and do some light exercises such as a brisk walk around the neighborhood or even a light jog if you can manage it.

And maybe, you could upgrade to that one-mile run in time for the Olympics.

2. Be Like Yoda And Meditate

You may have heard that meditation is all about “emptying your mind” of all thoughts and “being one with the universe”. Well, that’s fine for Yoda and Buddhist monks but for normal everyday working folks, that shit doesn’t work.

The more realistic goal is to just temporarily press pause on life and all the chaotic thoughts racing around in your head. And, the best way to do that is to focus your mind on what’s happening “in the moment” and nothing else.

Just sit, close your eyes and breathe slowly to calm down your mind. Focus your mind on your breathing. It needs something to latch onto to keep all the other thoughts at bay.

If that’s not doable, try a coffee meditation instead. It’s a great way to enjoy your first cup of joe in the morning.

Either will enable you to “be present” in the here and now, and not worry about bullshit that happened yesterday or last week or what may happen today, tomorrow, next month or next year.

It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, enabling you to relax and even sleep better.

What better way to start your day than looking inside yourself and doing some wise Yoda moves?

3. Say Positive Affirmations Outloud

Positive affirmations have long been ridiculed - remember Saturday Night Live’s Stuart Smalley and his “Daily Affirmations”?

But the truth is, it's a very powerful mental hack to charge up the start of your day.

Your positive affirmations should be a core value of yours, should be positive - goes without saying really - should be true, and should evoke feeling.

One kind that works especially well is called “I am affirmations." These can really help you start the day well and give you the confidence and mental strength to get through rough days.

As the saying goes, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

4. Eat A Real Breakfast

No no no. Coffee does NOT count as breakfast.

Even if you're not the breakfast type, a smoothie and a piece of toast is okay. But really, you need something more. The morning is when you’re filling up your energy tank.

This study from the International Journal Of Gastronomy And Food Science lays out the importance of breakfast on productivity and mental focus. You gotta eat a healthy well-balanced meal that provides steady energy all morning.

So, a bowl of Fruity Pebbles at home and donuts at work isn’t going to cut it. You know that shit isn’t good for you.

We get that you're trying to rush to work but what use is all that work when your productivity is crap because you can’t focus?

Here’s a quick and easy breakfast sandwich hack that anyone can do.

VIDEO: Breakfast Egg Sandwich Hack
YOUTUBE: Cooking Satisfaction
LENGTH: 2:29
Summary points:
  • ASMR food videos always make you hungry
  • Ingenious hack to cook an egg, toast bread and melt cheese all at one
  • Breakfast sammies rock!
Simple breakfast meals like this are a perfect way to fuel your body for a great morning start. Be good to your body and eat smart, at least for breakfast. You can give yourself a little more slack by going out to lunch.

During Commute To Work

You don't kickstart your day at home and just end it there. It should carry over into your trek to the office too.

It’s time to stop weaving in traffic and take a chill approach. You can revamp your commute into a feel-good session. It’s miles of smiles.

Your commute to work is a great time to keep the good vibes going that you've started at home.

1. Listening To Motivating Podcasts

It's no secret that podcasts are the new books. You can only do so much with your eyes while driving so why not just listen while driving?

Listening to podcasts that match your vibe is a great way to keep you going through your commute and in fact, it can actually make your commute something to look forward to.

Here are a few podcasts to turn your commute into daily joy therapy.

Don't mention it 🙂

2. Singing Along To Your Favorite Jams

Now is the time to let out that steam and sing like no one's watching - because no one is. They're all too focused on the road.

If you can’t crank the volume up at home because of the neighbors, well now is your chance to blast your fav tunes in the car. Max it out with Beyonce when you’re in bumper-to-bumper gridlock.

It brings a totally new meaning to the term “traffic jam”.

This is your very own karaoke on wheels.

3. Meditating While Driving

Yeah, that sounds crazy, right? But, it’s not.

You can actually meditate in your car, just not in the way you think.

Here, it’s all about “being present” and “in the moment” of driving. In other words, you’re focusing your mind on driving only and nothing else. It’s hearing the engine, spotting other cars, feeling the turns, etc.

You can also do red light meditations - a kind of micro meditation that makes red stop lights something to look forward to.

Commuting is stressful but driving is therapeutic.

It’s all about perspective.

In a nutshell, keep calm and commute on.

4. Road Rage? Let That Shit Go

Who the fuck drives like that on a freaking highway?!

Is that guy blind?!

Dealing with assholes on the commute is an unfortunate part of the deal. It’s unavoidable and something that you have absolutely no control over. So, learning to curb your road rage is the only way to manage and survive the ordeal.

Imagine all the bubbles of happiness you built getting popped in just ten minutes of traffic. That's tragic. Don’t let this happen.

You can't control the traffic but you can control your attitude. It's as simple as that. And when you can do that, you’ll turn your stressful commute into relaxing me-time and not into a hair-pulling anger session.

So when those idiot drivers cross your path again, focus on something happy. Think of a good thought for every annoying traffic issue. Or better yet, meditate and you'll eventually just let that shit go.

At Work

Imagine all this rush and you get to work and burn out. The kick just died down like that. That's unacceptable.

Keep that fire burning and get your day to be even more badass by keeping up the positivity at work. Here are a few ideas to keep the good vibes going.

1. Savor Your First (Or Second) Cup Of Coffee

After you get to your desk and drop your stuff, boot up your computer and while it’s doing its startup thing, head to the break room and get your first cup of coffee or second if you already had the first at home.

Sometimes, the free office coffee tastes like shit. So, you might want to brew your own or try making cofftea to mix things up.

Either way, get your brew and settle in at your desk, but don’t dive into emails and work just yet.

Take a few minutes and just enjoy your coffee or tea. Smell the aromas. Really savor the flavors with each sip. Be in the moment.

2. Get Yourself Organized

We know how it is. You get to work and it's like you're being pulled in a million different directions. So many emails, calls and memos - and you're just five minutes in.

It's okay to take some time to organize yourself first and get settled in.

Set your top priorities for the day and focus only on those because everything can’t be #1. When you focus on the key tasks for the day, you’ll get in the zone and make serious progress. And when you’re making progress, you’ll be happier and so will your boss and teammates.

3. Get A Few Quick “Wins” In The Morning And Celebrate

Did you manage to come to work on time or even a bit earlier?

Did you submit the report by the 10am deadline?

Did your 9:00 am conference call go smoothly?

You probably don’t realize this but you have small wins every single day. You just don’t give yourself credit for them.

When you celebrate small victories, you’re giving yourself a mini dopamine hit of joy. This makes you want to do it again and again. It’s a good kind of addiction.

Use this mental hack to your advantage and get a few quick wins early in the day - preferably before 10am.

This will not only help fuel your positivity and productivity for the rest of the day, but also help you keep momentum when things get fucking hard and build immunity to negativity.

So, don't wait for when you pull a $10 million deal into the company to reward yourself (although, that isn't bad at all). Give yourself a mental high-five for sending out that complex email, figuring out that excel formula, avoiding that stupid meeting, finding that perfect clipart or photo, etc.

Someone once said that success is a series of small wins and they were totally spot on with that. So, get with the program and start being your own cheerleader.

It’s Time To Beat The Alarm Clock


You didn't even let it finish ringing when you shot up from bed.

And damn, that sunrise is glorious! Look how the pink lights up the sky. You'd never really noticed it before.

You actually got a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed and ready to go.

Your clothes are already laid out so you just slip ‘em on. Oh, and you have some time to eat a tasty breakfast. Real, actual breakfast with your fav java.

While you commute to work, you fill your brain with more positivity. Then, you ease into work and within the first couple of hours, you’ve already scored a few wins.

This isn't a fairytale. It's your life. Live it.

Feel better,

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