• Mondays suck because that’s all we’ve ever known about it
  • Your mindset influences how you behave on Mondays
  • Make Mondays easier and more fun with a bit of planning
You just finished having an easy Sunday afternoon.

You invited some friends over, had some barbecue and maybe more beers than you should, but you don’t care - it’s relaxing as hell.

You’re with the people you love; joking around, making fun of each other, watching the kids have fun, and just feeling content.

Life is good.

Slowly, afternoon moves to evening and BOOM! Your mood starts to sour because you remember…

You remember that tomorrow is Monday - ugh.

Everything good about today fades and now, the only thing you’re thinking about is how bad tomorrow will be. You can already feel that stubbed toe as you get out of bed right now.

And so you spend the rest of Sunday evening fretting about Monday and wishing that tomorrow was Friday instead.

But you wake up and it’s not.
And every single thing you dreaded about Mondays comes true - except it's worse today. It’s always worse today.

Now is the time you can permit yourself to kill the guy that invented Mondays.

Do it for you.

Do it for all of us.

Why Are Mondays So Fucking Shitty?

Is there a personal reason you hate Mondays or are you just doing it ‘cause everyone's doing it?

The thing is, to make Mondays suck less you have to understand why Mondays suck at all for you.

It won’t be the same for everyone particularly if it’s a personal reason. It could even be a subconscious thing and you have to be aware of yourself enough to dig deeper, find that demon, and deal with it.

Let’s go demon hunting.

1. You Hate Your Job

Sigh. sigh. Siiiiiiiiigh.

You have to do it again. Go there. To that place. That bullshit work that they always give you.


If that sounds like your thoughts every Monday morning, then you most definitely hate your job.

You can’t hate your job and look forward to it, so you hate the days you have to drive yourself there. It’s like walking yourself to your death - just to get paid.

We get it.

But you have to know what exactly you hate about the job to get down to the real reason you hate Mondays.

If you hate every single aspect of your job, you likely dread every single day as much as Mondays, but Mondays get the brunt of it because they are the first. If Friday was first, we’d all be celebrating Monday.

Sounds weird, we know.

2. You Hate Your Boss

Aggressive managers, unresponsive bosses, passive-aggressive supervisors, control-freak bosses, etc.

Whatever evil your boss chooses to be, it most likely affects your work.

And so you hate them for it, naturally. Nobody likes asshole bosses.

Because if not for them, you would’ve been kickass at your job right now, you’d gotten that promotion, you wouldn’t have to be a coffee addict, you wouldn’t be looking forward to Fridays, you’d be a better version of yourself.

Do you see what we did there?

Your boss doesn’t control your Mondays. But they can make it suck, so what to do.

3. You Hate Your Co-worker(s) And Workplace

Nothing makes you dread Mondays - not even having to go through shitty stupid meetings where nothing is ever decided or writing a 50-page report that nobody reads - than that asshole co-worker that makes rude comments about you to others, publicly puts down your work and makes you look incompetent while completely kissing your boss’ ass.

It’s even a hundred times worse when they have a bit of a management position over you and shove it down your throat. Every. Possible. Moment.

So, understandably, you hate Mondays because it’s the beginning of five hellish days with a work jerk idiot that you have to put up with.

4. You Haven’t Made The Mental Shift Yet

It’s really not easy to shift gears immediately from a relaxed evening to a very high-powered Monday, especially when you know that your schedule will be completely jammed.

The shift is completely different from Thursdays to Fridays because you’ve been in the groove with the work week and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the week. You’re looking forward to a period of rest.

The opposite happens when you go from Sunday to Monday. It’s going from a relaxed state to immediate chaos.

And like a normal human being, you dread coming out of that period of rest to start working especially because it’s an uneven balance of work and rest.

Five work days to two off days? Come on!

You’re doing all you can to make your weekends feel longer to maximize the downtime.

So your mind is still in weekend mode or is dreading shifting from weekend mode and you take out your frustrations on Monday. If Monday were a person...

5. Because It’s The Norm & Ingrained In You

Look, we get it, we really do.

You just can’t be the person who, when it’s your turn to speak at a fun event with really cool people, let it slip that you like Mondays.

Cue the very awkward lull in the conversation, abrupt stop of the music, and the swivel of heads to you. Don’t forget the look of disdain on their faces.

So you just go with the flow, and soon, it becomes a part of you.

You end up always having a “case of the Mondays” like Peter Gibbons from Office Space.

VIDEO: Bad Case Of The Mondays
YOUTUBE: Movieclips
LENGTH: 2:19
Summary points:
  • Paper jams are the work of the devil
  • Michael Bolton on Michael Bolton being a “no talent ass clown” 😉
  • Sometimes, there’s no escaping Monday blues
Mondays always got a bad rap.

You grew up to songs about Fridays, movies showing how people hate Mondays, even cartoons that dread Mondays so much and need coffee to survive.

It’s definitely looking really bad for Mondays, right now. It’s like it had no chance from the get-go. Too bad.

How To Make Mondays Suck Way Less

Now you understand why Mondays suck for you, it’s time to find out how to make it good. Who knew “Mondays” and “good” could be in the same sentence?

Unless you have some cool magic tricks, you can’t magically change Monday to Tuesday - if you do have some magic tricks, a little magic will be nice 🙂 - but you can change how you approach Mondays.

If you wanted, you could even make Mondays into another Friday. That’s two Fridays in a week. Sweet!

So how do you do it? We’re glad you asked.

1. Have A Sunday Evening Routine - And Love It

Having an easy evening routine is not just for having its sake - it actually makes your next day better, particularly Mondays. It also comes with a package of other advantages. We do love it when investments have multiple returns.

Your routine could vary and it depends on your preferences and behaviors on Monday, so here are some ideas.

Set Up Breakfast And Coffee 

Monday mornings can be a mad scramble where you don’t leave yourself enough time to eat breakfast and enjoy some coffee, tea or cofftea. It’s always a rushed affair.

The night before, get your breakfast items ready - things like putting frozen breakfast foods in the fridge to pre-thaw overnight for faster cooking the next day or if you’re ambitious, make overnight oats.

Prep your coffee maker by putting in a new filter with fresh coffee grinds and filling the water reservoir. Or even better, if your coffee machine has a built-in clock timer, set it to match your alarm clock and start brewing when you wake up.

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.

Pick Out Your Monday Outfit

Monday mornings are not the time to stare at your closet and fret over which outfit to wear. There’s no time for that kind of dawdling in the morning.

Even a five-minute delay can mean the difference between getting to work on time or being stuck in rush hour traffic.

Pick an outfit on Sunday evening, get it ready and set it aside. Doing this will save you from the stress - and tears - on Monday morning.

Pre-Pack All Your Shit

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how this actually helps.

You know that feeling when you know you have something to pack but can’t seem to remember and just as you’re about to remember, you forget again?

Only for you to remember when you’re battling through your stressful commute that what you forgot is the paperwork for that personal project - ugh!

Pre-packing your shit saves you all this stress and makes your Monday a smooth ride.

Get everything packed, ready to go and set it by the front door.

2. Sleep Early, Sleep Well, And Wake Up Early

Early to bed, early to rise, makes Mondays suck way, way less. So, stop with the bedtime smartphone use. You’re just procrastinating sleep.

You can’t keep sacrificing your sleep hours for other tasks. This is why you’re falling asleep at your desk. The lack of sleep you get on weekdays is already enough so why over-complicate the process?

This study from the University of Ottawa explains in-depth the importance of sleeping well for adults. You just can’t keep missing out on sleep every day. It’ll catch up with you and mess up your health.

Here are three steps to winning the battle of getting to be earlier. Use this process and you’ll be able to hit the sack sooner than later.

Also, sleeping early and well makes you wake up early and ready to take on the day. In your face, Monday!

3. Have A Monday Morning Routine

Your routine doesn’t necessarily need to be listed in your Monday schedule. It can even just be written as “routine.”

The thing is, once you continue your routine for so long, it becomes a part of you and becomes a habit - and that’s what we want you to cultivate.

Your routine should ideally include what you do from the time you wake up to when you sit at your desk. Something like this:
  • Wake up
  • Meditate and recite some positive affirmations
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Breakfast with the family
  • Catch up on news for the first half of the commute
  • Listen to uplifting podcasts for the second half
  • Do NOT give in to road rage
  • Arrive at work early and greet everyone amicably
  • Take some time to set your desk up
  • Be happy
See? It wasn't so hard. Now, you try it.

4. Change Your Mindset And Make Mondays Fun

This is probably the biggest part of making your Mondays better. Your mindset could be what is holding you back from having the awesome Mondays that you deserve.

This study from the Journal of Applied Psychology found that even with no variation in moods on Mondays and Fridays, people generally think Mondays are bad because they expect it to be, because that’s normal, and they expect Fridays and Saturdays to be good.

Here are some amazing ways to reframe your mindset accepting or even loving Mondays.

Create A Fun Workspace

Nothing screams, “I may not really belong here and I’m pretty comfortable being miserable here so I don’t claim ownership” like a drab workspace.

Make your workspace yours, because it is.

Declutter your cubicle and decorate it with stuff that makes you happy and reminds you of who all this is for. It’s the one place in that big ass company that you can call yours, so why not enjoy it?

Your workspace ideally becomes yours and puts you in a productive frame of mind. In fact, you might even want to Feng Shui your desk and workspace area. It can help you get in the zone with work and be happy.

Have A Passion Project

You may feel that your job is not challenging enough (bored as fuck) or that your skills are not being fully utilized and appreciated.

Why not start a passion project?

It can make your job more fulfilling and awesomer.

Ideally, it should be something related to your roles and responsibilities and/or the company so that it makes you even happier to be there. It’ll give you a sense of purpose, pride and productivity.

And when you’ve got all three, you’ve got the makings of a job that you’ll love. 

Have Something To Look Forward To

Could your boss set aside an hour on Mondays for team building creativity and gaming?

That’d be a kick-ass work perk.

After all, having fun at work matters because it boosts happiness, morale and productivity.

Or, you can join an employee network group in your company that you love. Maybe, you’re part of a charity planning team. Or you joined the CSR team and want to pour your heart into it.

Whatever it is, be intentional about it. Let your boss and teammates know that you’re doing all of this and that they should respect your time. It may not seem easy at first, but so do Mondays.

Stop Living For The Weekends 

Enough of that “Hello Friday” and “TGIF” and all whatnot.

It’s okay to be happy it’s the weekend but it’s not okay to mark your Saturday and stare wistfully at it when it’s Sunday evening. You’re already starting the week on the wrong foot.

Instead, enjoy the weekends but remind yourself that you can enjoy the weekdays too.

Not every week is totally jam-packed. You can fit some fun into the weekdays too.

You can designate Monday nights as “me-time” nights, catch up with friends on Tuesday evenings, have date-night on Wednesdays and reserve Thursdays nights for family night.

The key is to not fill your entire weekday with things to do. But, do give special treatment to Mondays to make them something to look forward to.

When you remember these, it takes away the power from weekends and reminds you that you can have fun at any time. Don’t save your fun for just the weekends. Mondays can be fun days too. YOLO!

Remember That There Is No ‘Perfect Job’

When you hate your fucking job or boss, life sucks. You keep telling yourself that in your next job, you’ll probably always look forward to work.

What if your mindset is all that is stopping you?

This little 2-minute video clip from the Big Think will make you rethink things.

VIDEO: Why Mondays Suck
YOUTUBE: Big Think
LENGTH: 2:36
Summary points:
  • We hate Mondays because our culture constantly glorifies Fridays
  • There is no such thing as the perfect job; only you can make your job perfect
  • You have access to tons of tools and resources to make things better
If your control freak boss or asshole co-worker is the reason you dread work, try changing your approach. Find out how best to work with them and do it because doing nothing won’t solve anything.

You could also try to transfer to another group or department that you like in your company.

5. Ease Into Your Workload

We get that Monday is the beginning of the new work week but that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself with work.

You’re just starting the week, this is ample time to reflect on how last week went and what you want to get done this week.

Here are a couple of things to do instead of running headfirst into a busy schedule.

Set The Tone For The Week

Use what you learned from the previous week to guide how the new week should go.

If you found yourself totally jammed up by Wednesday, try spacing out activities and/or learning to set boundaries.

This also doesn’t mean you should do nothing on Mondays and start hell week on Tuesdays. That’ll just turn your Tuesdays into the new Mondays. Use Monday mornings to settle in and continue to pick up the pace throughout the week.

This shouldn’t be like a horse race where you’re going full-speed right out of the gate. You need to set aside the first hour to get ramped up.

This research study from the Association for Computing Machinery explains that on Mondays, people are most bored so also most focused.

If this sounds like you, then it’s a great chance to put fewer but more important things on Monday and the earlier days of the week.

Avoid Early Morning Meetings

Some meetings are generally dreaded, especially Monday morning meetings. Those are the worst. Why, oh why does a boss need to have an early morning Monday meeting?

Try not to let them be scheduled on Monday mornings because you'll be guaranteed not to have a goodnight’s rest.

Come up with a good story or just straight out lay out the facts about Monday mornings being inconvenient for everybody. We doubt anyone will disagree.

Leave the first hour of your Monday morning at work for getting sorted from last week and planning out this week.

Do it while sipping on your coffee - make it a coffee meditation and you’ll be off to a smooth start.

6. Take Time To Socialize With Fun Co-workers

It may seem that the last thing on earth you want to do on a dreaded Monday morning is to meet a co-worker and discuss the weather.

Well, you should.

We mean that you should meet a co-worker and not the discussing the weather part - though discussing the weather has never put anyone in a bad mood.

Meet up with your teammates or work BFF and catch up on the weekend. That immediately allows you to relax and settles you into the start of the workweek in a fun way.

Maybe even set up a weekly recurring Monday “fun” thing. It could be going out to lunch as a team, playing pop culture trivia, easy low-impact group exercising, etc.

It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s fun. It’ll make Mondays something to look forward to.

7. Take Time For Yourself (It’s Your Day After all)

It’s you that this article is about after all. Designate Monday evenings as your official “Me-Time” Mondays for relaxation and self-care. It’s one of the best ways to manage work stress.

You don’t have to drop a lot of coin on this either. You can have “me-time” on budget and do it every Monday. This trains your brain to think that there’s something nice to look forward to on Mondays.

You could have a fancy dinner or lunch, a weekly foot massage, hobby night, whatever that you love to do, save it for Monday nights. If you can, try to bail out and disconnect from work a little earlier to maximize the fun time.

Helloooooo Fri Monday!

You’ve had a relaxing Sunday with the family and just about to turn it in for the day when you remember.

You remember it.

You remember your Sunday evening routine that you’ve been doing for some time now and has begun to make your Mondays better.

You go through your routine, sleep well and early, and wake up refreshed.

You’re ready to kickstart your day.

You complete your Monday morning routine and get to work energized while everyone else is draggin’ ass and looking like half-asleep zombies.

You, very cheerfully, trot to your desk and get settled in. You’re happy and free as the world while they stare and seethe with jealousy.

You can’t help it - you’re living your best life, or best Mondays.

Now, instead of wanting to kill the guy that created Mondays, you’re giving him a big fistbump and nodding with approval.

Feel Better,

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