• How you start your morning has a huge impact on your day
  • The vibes you put out is what will come back to you
  • Create positive morning vibes to make your day awesome
You’re in a funk lately and with every passing day, you feel like your mood hops from indifference, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and whatever other moods that are not positive.

It all starts the moment your phone alarm goes off and you’re lying in bed wishing that you could just call it quits and ignore the world for the day, week, month or even check out for the rest of the fucking year.

But, you can’t.

You got shit to do and things to take care of. It’s part of adulting and there’s no getting around it.

So, you pull yourself up and outta bed and go through your usual robotic and rushed routine to begin your day.

The rest of the morning is a mix of grumpiness mixed in with some lackadaisical and uninspiring meh moments.

It’s the same daily morning routine and it’s not exactly the most uplifting thing.

You want to be happier - no question about it.

You’re not asking for the world here. You just want some good vibes but haven’t quite found a reliable way to get it.

Why Positive Morning Vibes Are So Important

While there are no scientific or academic studies out there that prove this, it’s well accepted that what you do and consequently experience in the first few hours of your day is what usually continues for the rest of the day.

Or more simply, what you do in the morning will have a huge impact on your mood and attitude for the rest of your day. It sets the tone.

Ever have one of those mornings where nothing is going your way?

Like everything is going against you?

It’s like how running out of coffee beans triggers a domino effect of forgetting something at home, being cut off by some asshole driver on the commute, arriving late to work, getting yelled at by your asshole boss etc.

It’s just one gut-punch after another all fucking day.

This happens because you’re focusing your thoughts and energy on negative things. And, when you think, see, say and do negative things, you send out bad vibes out to the universe.

And in turn, the universe will usually return that same vibe back to you.

So, think about how you acted and behaved on those shitty days. It didn’t help your cause at all. It made it worse because of the negative cycle.

The good news is that you can use this principle in your favor too.

When you start your day on a more positive note, you’re sending out good vibes and setting yourself up for a better day. Ask Marky Mark, he knows a thing or two about “good vibrations…can you feel it?”

And even if the day starts out like shit, you have the power to prevent things from getting worse and keep it at a neutral level instead. And, that’s one of the key ways to manage work stress like a champ.

This isn’t some hokey-pokey bullshit. It’s for real.

You gotta believe in it and when you do, you’ll be so much better off that you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing this earlier.

Simple Ways To Create Great Morning Vibes

Everybody knows that anything worthwhile to achieve takes effort and commitment.

Learning to ride a bike, speaking a new language or even more mundane things like creating spreadsheet pivot tables or whatever skill you can think of takes time to develop and perfect.

Developing your ability to create positive morning vibes is no different.

You can’t just dabble in this every now and then.

If you really want to see this work for you, you’ve gotta do this like brushing your teeth and taking a piss in the morning. It’s gotta be an automatic activity.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the same activity every day. You can mix it up with whatever positive things you can think of.

Here are ten ideas to kick things off for you.

1) Get More Sleep, Dammit!

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make you feel better in the morning is a solid night’s sleep - like seven to eight solid hours of sleep. But, we know how hard it is to get that.

Between all the thoughts racing through your mind and the ease of cyberloafing in bed with your smartphone, you never really “go to bed” on time. You almost always push it past your limit and then, you pay for it in the morning when the alarm goes off.

What you need to do is set up and follow a predetermined evening routine that will prime your mind and body for deep sleep. This will help you win the battle of getting to bed earlier and falling asleep faster.

2) Do Morning Mantras & Affirmations

For nearly everyone, most mornings are not talkative sessions. You’re just waking up and still a bit groggy.

The only thing on your mind is to get to the bathroom so that you can take a piss, wash up and get dressed. And while that’s important, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to get your thought momentum moving in the right direction.

After you take care of your bathroom business, take 60 seconds, just one measly minute, to say something positive to yourself out loud. Thinking about it won’t cut it. You need to hear yourself say it.

You can use “I am” affirmations to get your mind into the right state of being. Think of it as programming yourself for the day.

Tie your morning affirmations to something automatic so that you’ll always do it. Maybe tie it to brushing your teeth or during your morning coffee meditation (more on this later).

3) Go For A 5-Minute Walk Outside

Not everyone is an early-riser morning athlete. We get it. A lot of times, that extra bit of sleep has far more value than going for a long run.

However, we can all set aside five minutes of our mornings for a walk outside. This is something that all of us can do.

Now, unless the weather’s really shitty like storming, raining heavily or in sub-freezing temps, you need to get outside and go for a short walk around the block.

During this 5-minute walk, you want to focus on the sights and sounds during the walk. The purpose is to clear your mind and take notice of all the great things around you.

It’s the fresh air, birds chirping, puffy clouds in the sky, warmth of the morning sun, breezes across your face and whatever else that you can spot that you can be appreciative for.

This is essentially a mini gratitude session. And, it’s a simple little trick to triggering happiness at the start of your day.

4) Write Down One Thing You’re Grateful For 

Thinking good thoughts is all good for sure. But if you want to amp it up, you can put your thoughts down on paper and when you do, you’ll be maximizing the benefits.

According to this study from Kettering Medical Center, patients expressing gratitude and appreciation for the things they value and find meaningful in life have been shown to improve their mental health and well-being significantly.

It’s shifting the mindset from the default negativity and pessimism to a state of thankfulness and calm joyfulness. It’s an ideal way to begin the day.

Similar to how hearing yourself say something has more impact, writing down things that you’re grateful for kinda does the same thing.

You know all of that junk mail you get?

Find the ones with blank sides and cut them into small strips. Use one strip every morning and write down something you’re grateful for. It doesn’t need to be some deep thought evaluation. It can be something as simple as having socks to wear.

Then, fold it up and put it into your jar of awesome and then, whenever you’re feeling like shit, you can go back to that jar and pull out a little bit of happiness to bring your spirits back up.

5) Give A Random Compliment To A Stranger

When you get a random compliment out in public from a stranger, it feels awesome.

It could’ve been someone standing next to you in line that commented on something you’re wearing. And when they complimented you about it, it probably caught you off-guard because it was a surprise but it really brightened your mood.

But did you know that the compliment givers also get positive mood boosts too?

According to this study from the University of Pennsylvania, people that receive compliments as well as those that give them both benefit from the action.

You know that the person getting the compliment will feel good. And according to that same study, most people underestimate how positively impactful it can be for themselves. Giving compliments makes you feel good too.

Aim to give one simple little compliment to a stranger during your morning to give yourself a boost of joy. Spot something specific about them that you think looks great and point it out to them.

If that’s too intimidating, then compliment a random co-worker at the office that you don’t interact with often. You never know, you might end up forming a few kickass alliances while you’re at it.

Eventually, work can your way up to giving random compliments to strangers in public.

It doesn’t cost you anything to give a compliment. And giving out just one is all it takes to get you into a great groove in the morning.

6) Smile At Someone Before You Start Work

Just like how giving compliments can make you feel good about yourself, smiling at someone has the same kind of effect. It’s just a non-verbal way of sharing your joy with another person.

And according to this study, from the University of Rochester, “smiling increased rated attractiveness when compared to a non-smiling neutral expression. It also demonstrated that smiling subjects were attributed greater degrees of sincerity, sociability, and competence.”

In essence, when you smile at someone, you become more attractive and in turn, that makes you feel good about yourself too. It’s an instant positive feedback loop.

And as a bonus, smiling is contagious. This academic study shows that smiles trigger specific happiness regions of the brain which then leads to the recipient to smile back and at others afterward.

Just knowing that you can trigger a smile chain that can last for hours is enough to put butterflies in your stomach for the rest of the day.

7) Celebrate One Quick Win Before 10 am

It feels so good to finish a major project or successfully cross a major milestone. There’s no doubt about that.

The problem is that these big projects and milestones take a long time to achieve. It could be weeks or even months before you get that satisfaction and congratulations of completing it.

You need more frequent doses of “wins” to keep your momentum going and your positivity up.

And believe it or not, you have these smaller and more frequent wins all the time. You’re just not giving yourself the recognition you deserve.

It’s small wins like finishing the Powerpoint formatting, finding that specific attachment or file, sending out a well-written email, etc. There are a ton of these kinds of small victories happening all around you.

However, nearly all of us never take a moment to give ourselves a mental high-five or a tap on the back. You need to celebrate small victories every fucking day.

And specific to setting positive morning vibes, look for one small win that you can be happy about before the clock strikes 10am. And when you do, do a little happy dance or at the very least, do a mini “yes” fist-pump at your desk.

Do this and you’ll be setting good vibrations for yourself fast.

8) Get Some LOLs Going

Did you know that as adults, we laugh far less than we did as kids?

Research suggests that children laugh about 300 times a day. If you’ve got kids, you can easily remember those days of laughter.

The average adult lets out a chuckle less than 20 times a day. It’s sad and pathetic.

Somewhere between adolescent maturity and when you become a working adult, the laughter diminishes and more serious moods in life take their place. It’s become a natural course of life as your responsibilities grow.

But, you can counter this easily.

That little device that we’re all too often glued to is one of the go-to sources for giggles. Instead of scrolling through all the negative news in the morning, why not watch a few hilarious cat or dog videos?

Or, listen to a comedy podcast on your way to work.

Laughter is the best medicine - for sure. And if you can get a morning dose of laughter in as you roll into your day, you’ll be able to carry over those giddy feelings for hours until you disconnect from work.

9) Do A Coffee Meditation

We all need that one starter cup of coffee to get us going in the morning. The unfortunate thing is that for a lot of us, the first cup of coffee is a rushed affair.

Sometimes, we’ll brew up something quick at home and dash out the door with it. Other times, it’s a grab-n-go stopover at a coffee shop during your commute. Either way, we’re losing out on a great opportunity to create some good vibes.

Instead of rushing through this, why not carve out some time and do a coffee meditation instead?

Yes, you read that right. You can have your fav cup o’joe and meditate with it.

Rather than just gulping it down, dedicate 15 minutes of your morning routine to just enjoying and savoring your first cup of coffee. Make it a methodical ritual.

Put down your phone and just be “in the moment”, the here and now of drinking and enjoying the coffee.

What you’ll discover is that this kind of moment, before the chaos of the day starts, is the perfect way to ease into the day.

10) Wear One Fav Special Thing Daily

Everyone should have at least one favorite thing in their outfit, something special that makes you smile, that brings you joy every time you wear it.

This can be a cosmetic make-up item, fashion accessory, fragrance, jewelry, watch, hairstyle, dress, shirt, shoes, etc.

The key thing is that there should be at least one thing that you should put on in the morning that will make you happy. This way, you can rotate through a variety of things that create joy in your day.

Whatever it is, when you put it on in the morning, take a few more seconds and just appreciate that thing - really absorb yourself in it and smile about it.

Think about why it makes you smile and how it makes you feel. Just appreciate and love it.

Doing this will prime your brain with the feel-good dopamine hormones which is a fantastic way to start the day and it also makes getting in the zone with work much easier.

Bring On The Good Morning Vibes!

We know that not every day will be a happy-go-lucky day. That world doesn’t exist.

We all have our ups and downs in life. Enjoying the high points is easy. However, how we handle the low points is what makes the difference.

How you start your day has a huge impact on whether or not the day will be a high or low one. If you start your day with a shitty attitude, you’re already in the negative and it’ll be that much harder to turn things around.

Creating positive morning vibes for yourself is a great way to kickstart your day for a kickass day.

And by developing and following a few reliable methods to generate good vibes, your mood and attitude will level out and won’t hop from one negative emotion to another as much.

Just one small trigger is all it takes to get things started.

Which one are you gonna try tomorrow morning?

Feel Better,

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