• Get ready now before the possible layoffs happen
  • Cut spending and line up another source of income
  • Be prepared and you’ll be okay no matter what happens
Today’s working world is far different than what it was several decades ago like during the 50s through the 80s. Back then, it wasn’t unusual for someone to have a single job for life - that’s no bullshit. There was much more job security during those times.

The commitment went both ways. The employee had a stable job and income for life and the company got a steady and reliable source of productivity. This is why you had Betty the bank teller working the same job, in the same bank, in the same spot for decades until her retirement.

That business model doesn’t really exist anymore with today’s more rapid pace of business, ultracompetitive market and the high pressures and expectations of short-term profitability. The unfortunate end result is that employees have just become another line item expense that can be cut out just like the free shitty office coffee.

So, it’s no fucking surprise that you’re on your toes now. Maybe, your company is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Or, maybe there’s some truth to the office gossip and rumors floating around the office about yet another reorganization that will happen soon.

Dealing with the stress of reorgs and layoffs just adds to your already stressful situation of work and family life. It’s another potential huge disruption and derailment that you don’t want to go through.

The key thing here is to get ahead of it. It’s far better to be prepared for the layoff and not have it happen versus not being prepared and getting cut loose without any plans in place - that’s when you’re screwed.

The 3 Mandatory “To Do’s” To Prepare For Possible Layoffs

It's no secret that layoffs are an unfortunate reality in today’s workplace and will remain so for a long time. When times get tough, one option that many companies use to stay afloat is to cut staffing levels. After all, employee payroll is one of the highest expenses for a company that can easily be trimmed.

But just like preparing for that upcoming final exam during college days can help you pass with flying colors, properly preparing for job loss is your key to success - or more appropriately put – survival.

So if you think layoffs could be on the horizon at your office (or perhaps they already have been announced), these are three mandatory things you must do to ensure that you make it through the transition. 

Must Do #1: Build A Savings Buffer Now

If you’re keen to survive a layoff, learning how to live off one slice of bread until the ol’ job prospects start looking up is only half the battle. The other half is building up a savings buffer that can pad your pockets until those prospects pick up again.

One big obvious thing is to cancel any upcoming or pending big purchases - like getting a new commuter car, doing a home renovation, going on a spendy vacation, etc. You get the idea. Hold off on any and all big-ticket purchases.

Next, make sure you cut out all non-essential expenses, like eating out and that streaming service you rarely use, which can make all the difference between making next month’s rent or not.

In addition, rummage through your closet or garage for any items of value to list online. Turning your unwanted items into valuable cash will help you cover essential living expenses.

Make it fun by thinking of it as an episode of “Cash in the Attic”. Take stock of all those odds and ends lying around, from unwanted brand name clothing, sporting goods that only got used a handful of times to that piece of gold jewelry you hardly ever wear and turn them into something more useful - extra pocket money.

The key is to start by selling the easy-to-sell stuff that other people want or need. Once you get going, it’ll be easier to keep the momentum going and sell other things. The added side benefit of all this is that it will help to declutter and simplify your life.

Remember, the main point of these activities is to build up cash reserves.

Must Do #2: Line Up Next Job Or Get Temp Job

The good news is that you have spotted the warning signs of possible layoffs. This is your early warning radar signal to take action now on finding an alternate income source.

The old job-hunting adage rings true here - it’s far easier to find another job while you still have a job. So, make your job hunt a priority while you’re still working. This doesn’t mean that you should be job hunting during working hours, but you need to carve out at least one or two hours each night and dedicate that time to polishing your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile and applying for positions.

Start researching competitors’ websites for open positions where your skills could easily transfer. And if you can, cast a wider net to include related and complementary industries too. Just don’t try for a complete career change - that takes much longer to accomplish.

Finding a full-time job takes time. Generally, for every $10k you make, it takes a month of searching and applying to find another position. For example, if your position earns a $60k annual salary, it’ll take six months to find a comparable job.

So, in the meantime, it’s also wise to line up a part-time, temporary or contract position to carry you over during the full-time job search. Search for temp and contract agencies that specialize in your field for the quickest results. Sometimes, these positions can actually turn into full-time opportunities.

Also, don’t ignore recruiters when they contact you. Reply to them and communicate your circumstances. They can be a great resource for finding matching opportunities.

Lastly, another option is to get in on the gig economy. You can try out a number of different gig jobs from ride-share driver, food delivery, virtual online assistant, etc. Or, go old school with waiting on tables, dog walking, babysitting, etc.

Must Do #3: Take Care Of Yourself

During these uncertain times, it can be hard sitting around and worrying about pending layoffs that are beyond your control. It’s way too easy to let yourself get stressed AF, depressed and down during these shaky times. But, you can’t let this happen. You’ve gotta turn the tables and keep a positive attitude about it.

Sure, this situation could seem oppressive and make you want to curl up into the fetal position and cry - but don't forget, it's also a great chance for things to change for the better.

Rather than moping in misery, use this time to get better. Give yourself some “me” time, and come out the other side in much better condition. Get back in shape. Eat healthier. Spend more time with your BFFs, family and furry friends.

When you take advantage of this transition by taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, you’ll not only be happier, but you’ll also be stronger and ready to take on the curveball that life is about to throw at you.

It’s important to practice self-love here. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish because you gotta take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others later.

Be Prepared & You’ll Win No Matter What Happens

Okay, so here you are in this funk of not knowing what the fuck is going to happen to your job in the next few weeks or months. The big unknown and being left in the dark as to what’s going to happen can really screw up your life’s planning and operations.

A lot of times, you just end up not doing anything. The fear and chaos of what may be coming are triggering stalling. It can seem easier to bury your head in the sand and hope that you’ll survive the layoffs.

This isn’t the way to go about it. You gotta take action now and be prepared for when the shit hits the fan. And if it does, you’ll be ready to dodge, outmaneuver and/or take countermeasures so that you can minimize the negative impacts.

Now, if the layoffs don’t go as planned or you survive the cuts, you’re now in a much stronger position than before. Your finances will be sorted. You’ll have other better opportunities lined up. Plus, your personal health and well-being are in tip-top shape.

When you’re prepared for possible layoffs, you’ll win no matter what happens. So, get on it!

Feel Better,

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