• Some bosses just want to fire you for no good reason
  • Look for warning signs that they’re trying to fire you
  • De-stress yourself then get a clearer understanding to take the next steps
There’s something not good about how your manager has been acting lately. It’s never been a hunky-dorey “have fun at work” relationship. Nope, that shit never existed. Let’s put it this way - your relationship with your boss isn’t and never was exactly amicable.

Lately, there’s been a much more palpable negative change but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it exactly. You’re noticing that there’s been more hints of animosity from your boss. And each day, it seems like they’re becoming more critical and frustrated with the quality of your work, even though nothing has changed on your part.

For example, you submit the same report at the same time every week and now, for some reason they have a beef with how you’ve organized and put the report together. And even though it’s been the same for months and there’s never been a problem, now all of a sudden, it’s crap.

It hasn’t always been this way. But recently, things have taken a turn for the worse. And, it’s making managing work stress way more difficult. Now, you’re finding yourself in a situation where you feel like your job is at risk. You gotta know if this is going sideways before it gets really bad.

Big Effin’ Red Flags That Your Asshole Boss Is Planning To Fire You

Are you getting the distinct feeling that your boss isn’t too pleased with you? Do they never seem to be satisfied no matter what you do, and is there always a sense of tension whenever they enter the room?

Sometimes, you gotta trust your gut. Right now, there could be something brewing in your boss’s head like they have something against you. And it’s not like they’re gonna come out and say it right to your face, which would be devastating but at least you’d know where you stand.

Until that happens, you’ve gotta turn up your spidey senses and spot any unusual red flags and warning signs that you’re boss is aiming to get you canned or at the very least, get you moved out of the group.

Here are just a few common ones of the many that you’ll see at work.

Points Out Errors In Front Of Others

It’s one thing for your manager to bring up your mistakes in a one-on-one meeting. That’s kind of a normal process of learning and growing together as a team. However, it’s another whole new fucking level when they do various things to highlight your mistakes in front of others - that’s an asshole boss.

When your manager is pointing out your mistakes in front of other coworkers all the time, either they have no emotional IQ or they’re just being an asshole that’s purposely throwing you under the bus and tanking your reputation.

Documents Every Single Mishap On Email

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s called being human. But when your manager is out to get you, one common tactic is to document all your mistakes on email.

Instead of just providing feedback to you verbally, they send it to you via email. It’s their way of documenting every single error so that they can continue to build their case for getting you fired. It’s kind of like a CYA email tactic so that they can distance themselves from your supposed mistakes.

Copies Their Manager & HR On All Issues

Building upon the former point, when your manager often copies their manager and/or HR on all your mishaps and minor issues, it’s a clear sign that they’re just creating an electronic paper trail to record your shortcomings and errors.

They have no clue about the etiquette and tactics of using cc and bcc on emails. They’ll just copy them on every single error. For them, it’s simply to showcase and record your failures all the time. They are laying the foundation for getting you fired.

Only Highlights Your Losses And Never Your Wins

One of the key characteristics of demoralizing bosses is that they only highlight your losses and never any of your wins. This tactic helps them to build their case for getting you shit-canned.

We all know that it’s critically important to celebrate small victories to keep morale on the up and up. It’s what helps us to overcome tough challenges and keep momentum going when things get fucking hard. But when your manager only highlights your failures, it makes work life a misery.

Gives You Undoable Last Minute Urgent Tasks 

This is another obvious way for douchebag managers to make you look inept and incapable of doing your job. By giving you last-minute urgent tasks that are essentially impossible to complete on time, they’re guaranteeing your failure and ensuring that they’re able to chalk up another one in the loss column for your annual performance review.

Then to make matters worse, they’ll often rail you for not keeping up with your grunt work. No matter what you do or how to try, you’re fucked either way. It’s a no-win situation.

Sets You Up To Fail Constantly

Take a critical look at all the key tasks and requests that your boss has asked you to do. Are they often unrealistic and impossible to complete? Do they come with little to no guidance or direction? Do they block you from making improvements? Removes your support and resources?

All of these things are signs of an asshole boss setting you up to fail. In many cases, they’ll use a combination of tactics so that it ensures that you fall short or fail miserably. This is all for their end goal of getting you fired.

De-Stress & Stay One Step Ahead

When it comes to working in the corporate world, most office workers agree that their boss’ opinion of them is paramount. That's why when you start getting the feeling that your boss is out to get you, it’s important to get in the zone to begin looking for signs that could mean an impending layoff or firing.

Sometimes, you just gotta follow your gut instincts and start looking for the red flags and warning signs. And if they’re obvious, it might be worthwhile to talk to your manager about it rather than trying to clear things up in a roundabout way. You’ve gotta manage your boss too.

It sucks that you’re in this kind of situation - for sure. Toxic work environments are a fucking misery. And, maybe things are getting to the point where you’re already mentally packing up your desk. You feel like quitting. But, don’t give in just yet.

First thing, you gotta take care of yourself.

Take a deep breath. Do a one-minute meditation and settle your racing mind. Then, over the next few days, get a better and clearer understanding of what’s happening. Then, you can take the appropriate steps to a better situation.

Feel Better,

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