Shipping Personal Packages To Work For Less Stress


> Shipping packages to work can make life easier and less stressful
> Be sure to check with your employer, don’t abuse the privilege
> Try personal mailbox services if you can’t ship stuff to the office

You get home from work and there you see it, stuck right on your front door.

It’s a sticky note left behind by FedEx, “Sorry, we missed you.”


This note, which looks eerily like a parking ticket, doubles as instructions on how to get your package rescheduled for delivery or how to arrange for pick-up at their facility.

This is such an effin’ royal pain in the ass.

You ordered this online late last week and even opted for the expedited shipping. And now, it’s stuck who knows where.

Why is it that some expedited deliveries can be left at the door while others require signatures?

As frustrating as this is, at least it hasn’t been stolen - that’s happened before too.

Package theft is an even bigger pain in the ass because then you’ve gotta negotiate and explain things with the seller that it got stolen. It’s not their fault and unless it’s Amazon, they won’t credit you or send another free of charge.

The whole idea of online shopping is the ultimate convenience of having stuff shipped right to your doorstep.

But, if the stuff never actually gets delivered, it’s not convenient. It’s just frustrating.

So, for many of us, a good workaround solution is to ship our personal stuff to the office.

The Pros & Cons Of Getting Your Personal Packages Delivered To The Office

With the increasing amount of “porch pirates” stealing packages left on front doorsteps across the country and missed deliveries, many people are looking for ways to get their online purchases delivered securely and easily.

On any given workday, you can take a stroll around your office floor and there’s a really good chance that you’ll see a smiley brown box from Amazon sitting on someone’s desk.

Having your personal packages sent to your office solves a lot of headaches for a little bit of compromise.

The Pros Of Shipping To Your Office

We spend pretty much our entire daytime hours at the office. If we’re lucky, we’re only dedicating 40 hours to that effort. But, for a lot of us, it’s more.

With all that time and more devoted to working, there’s less and less time for us to take care of all our personal things. Yes, there’s the weekend, but that gets all filled up too.

That’s where the convenience of online shopping really shines. And when we buy stuff we need, it’s gotta get to us eventually somehow.

Having personal stuff shipped to work just makes sense, logically and logistically.

Most importantly, it really takes the stress out of worrying about packages left outside at home.

1) Guaranteed Acceptance (with signatures if needed)

This is the biggest benefit - hands down.

Every single office has the ability to send and receive mail and packages. It’s a standard core requirement of running any business.

While not every single business will have a shipping/receiving area, they all have mailrooms to sign for and process incoming mail and packages or at the very least, a spot to drop them off at.

As long as you’ve got the correct address and “attention to” on the shipping label, your package will get delivered to your workplace and maybe, even right to your mailslot or desk. 

2) No Waiting Until You Get Home

The excitement of seeing and holding your latest fun purchase can be fulfilled right away at work. There’s no waiting until you get home to see the goods.

When your items are shipped to your work address, you’re there to get it, usually that same day.

It may take a few hours for your mailroom folks to process and make the final delivery to your desk, but you’ll get it that same afternoon or next day at the latest.

3) No Risk Of Theft - Foiling Porch Pirates

Unlike residential locations, porch pirates can’t just stroll into any business mailroom and snatch stuff.

In all offices, the mailroom is off limits to the public. Only employees can access and enter the mailroom. This basically cuts off any possibility of package theft.

The only exception to this is package theft from internal employees which is pretty much non-existent. 

The Cons Of Shipping To Your Office

Usually, there is a balance of pros and cons in every situation. However, in this case, we don’t feel that there are a lot of big cons or issues with having personal stuff shipped to your office.

Here are the few small issues with having your personal stuff shipped to work. They’re not huge but they're worth thinking about.

1) You Still Gotta Take It Home

You don’t live at the office, even though you may feel like that’s the case with all the overtime you spend there.

Any packages you get delivered to your office still needs to be lugged home. The whole point of online shopping is the convenience of it being delivered right to your front door.

Having it sent to the office means that you need to carry it with you back home. This can be a significant issue if the package is large and/or heavy. If that’s the case, we’d recommend scheduling the delivery on the weekend when you know you’ll be home.

2) Potential Of Personal Items Being Seen

An order of multi-vitamins, household goods, books, electronics, toys etc. are all pretty normal things that won’t draw any attention or weird looks from coworkers.

However, there are other more “personal” items that we shop for online that we don’t want others to know about - adult diapers, yeast infection cream...Swedish penis pumps.

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Getting packages delivered to the office can open up the possibility of curious cubicle mates asking what you ordered and wanting to see it.

Or in some rare cases, companies that open all incoming packages as policy. So, to avoid this, check how your company handles packages.

And if you do get “personal” things at work, put it under your desk or throw it in your car and open it when you get home in the evening.

3) Using Company Resources For Personal Things

Processing and managing mail and packages, both incoming and outgoing, requires manpower and labor. This costs the company money.

When the mailroom folks are signing for and delivering your personal packages at work, they’re doing so on company time, time that is being paid by your employer.

You have to recognize that when your company is accepting your personal packages and making that very last delivery to your desk, it’s adding to their operational expenses.

So really, this isn’t a case of “no harm, no foul” because it really is more labor.

Some companies don’t mind while others may frown upon it.

So, make sure that you...

Check With Your Employer Or Company Policy

Very few companies have policies regarding personal packages being delivered at work. In fact, it’s more likely that it’s an informal unwritten thing than a concrete rule.

One way to get a grasp of what the company’s position is about accepting and processing personal packages is to just simply look around.

If you see other co-workers getting packages at work and they’re not being called out on it by their boss or HR, then chances are that it’s okay.

If you want to be 100% sure, run it by your boss or HR. Most likely, they’ll say that it’s not explicitly prohibited but if it’s excessive, it’ll be a problem.

So, don’t be stupid and ship tons of stuff to work.

Other Options If You Can’t Ship To Work

If by some slim chance that you can’t have your packages shipped to your work address, then you still have a few options.

These aren’t going to be as convenient as getting your stuff at work, but it’ll still be better than the risk of home deliveries.

Amazon Stuff: Use Amazon Locker

Amazon solves the problem of missed home deliveries and/or theft by offering alternate locations to have your packages sent to where they’ll be securely stored for pick-up.

There are several thousand self-serve “lockers” located throughout the US. Many of them are co-located in convenience stores like 7-Eleven (open 24 hours), Whole Foods and other retail stores.

When you order online, you can select an Amazon locker location that’s close to home or work. And then, when it’s delivered, you’ll be sent a code to use to open and access the locker to get your stuff.

The only drawback to this is that your package…
- Weighs less than 10 lbs
- Is smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches
- Is sold or fulfilled by Amazon
- Is valued at less than $5,000

If it doesn’t meet those requirements, it can’t be shipped to a locker. However, a lot of what we do buy from Amazon does meet those criteria.

Non-Amazon: Carrier Partner Locations Or Personal Mailbox Services 

For other packages not ordered through Amazon, you’ll have to be a bit more creative.

For some online retailers, you may be offered the shipping option to have the carrier like UPS or FedEx hold your package at their distribution facility near your home or at their partner locations.

These partner locations could be your local UPS Mail Center or the FedEx Kinkos store. Some of these partner locations may not have extended evening hours to make it convenient to get to after work. So be sure to check beforehand.

If you’re a high-volume online shopper, a personal mailbox service can really work out for you in terms of convenience. Both UPS and FedEx offer mailbox services along with independent businesses in your local neighborhood.

Check for pricing, availability and reviews online for the best ones in your area.

​Get Your Personal Packages Delivered To Work For Less Stress

Life is crazy enough with what we all have going on. We all need to do what we can to make our lives easier and run more smoothly, or at least as smooth as possible.

And one area that we can all optimize easily is how we get our personal packages. Getting all the stuff we need to live and support our lives delivered to the office makes the most sense.

Yes, it’s not as ideal as having stuff delivered directly to our homes and yes, it does cost your company some marginal amount of operating expense.

However, these are minor issues we think are a small and acceptable compromise for making our lives a bit easier and for all the energy we devote our jobs.

It’s these kinds of small efficiencies in “life logistics” that give us a little breathing room and allow us to press pause on life every once in a while to rest and recover.

We say, go ahead and ship that stuff to work. Just be smart and sensible about it - don’t abuse the privilege. You won’t realize how valuable this privilege is until you lose it.

Feel Better,