• Use daily shower time as your mind-healing time
  • Slow down your shower and enjoy the details
  • Cleanse your mind and body to destress and relax
Your inbox is out of control. For every one email that you’re able to reply to, another ten show up within minutes. The email counter seems to be growing at an exponential rate.

Your day is filled with stupid meetings and marathon calls. You barely have time to do real actual work.

Most of your day is spent putting out fires and dealing with problems from all your projects. It’s like you’re playing the whack-a-mole arcade game.

You’ve also gotta deal with all the arguments at work and try to keep your cool when you’re about to lose your shit.

You can actually feel the stress building up inside you like a giant pressure cooker.

At any moment, you feel like you could just blow up.

By the time the end of the day approaches, you’re completely exhausted. You barely have enough energy to deal with the asshole drivers on the commute home.

As you walk into your home, it’s another world of issues. This time it’s home life challenges with the family.

You need to press pause on life to catch a breather.

And the one part of your evening that can be your escape from all of life’s bullshit is the shower.

Most of us just zip in and out of the shower. And this is totally the wrong way to go about it.

This is an ideal opportunity to have some de-stressing personal time.

What Are Shower Meditations?

Meditating is one of the best ways to calm your racing and anxiety-filled mind. It’s become a widely accepted way to deal with stress. And, meditating at work is a great way to manage work stress.

The trouble is that for many people, meditating is straight-up hard to do.

Ever try to not think about anything, like emptying your mind of any and all thoughts?

It’s fucking impossible.

Our minds are constantly racing around from thought to thought, thinking about “shoulda, coulda, woulda” regrets from the past while also worrying about what bad shit might happen in the future.

It’s like a calm pool of water and each thought is like a raindrop that distorts the surface with a ripple. Add in multiple raindrops or even a heavy rainstorm and things can get crazy.

The Headspace team really explain it well in this 1-minute video animation.

VIDEO: Accepting the Mind
YOUTUBE: Headspace
LENGTH: 1:06
Summary points:
  • Thoughts are like raindrops that ripple the surface of a calm pool
  • Multiple raindrops and rain will cause the water’s surface to be rough
  • You can train your mind to slowdown the raindrops and ripples
With all of life’s distractions, worries, stresses, anxieties, the modern mind struggles to be calm and “in the present moment” and not think about the past or the future.

What’s needed is something to focus and channel our mind’s attention to the present moment of the here and now. It needs something that’s happening “in the now” to prevent it from looking back to the past or forward to the future.

Meditation often uses the act of breathing as a focus target for your jumpy mind. This is because you can’t breathe in the past or into the future. You can only breathe in the present moment.

The issue is that even using breathing as the activity to focus on the present can be too simple. The mind gets bored and restless quickly, so it inevitably jumps around to other thoughts.

This is where a more complex activity makes sense. One that provides some more elements and variety - like a shower.

A shower meditation is all about focusing your mind’s attention on the present moment by using all of your senses while taking a shower. It’s not overly simple while also not too complex. It’s a goldilocks balance.

It’s all about treating your mind and body with some real self-care during the only time where you can be by yourself and not bothered.

A shower meditation takes the physical sensations of cleansing your body of the day’s grime and using that as a link for your mind to do the same for all the stresses and anxieties that have built up from the day.

It’s all about taking care of your mind and body at the same time.

How Do Shower Meditations Help?

Shower meditations have the same benefits as normal meditations. They help to calm your racing mind by allowing it to stay in the present moment and letting everything else go temporarily for a little while.

It’s all about giving yourself a timeout and letting your mind take a break from all the chaos.

When you direct your mind’s attention to things happening around you while showering, you’re effectively steering your mind to the here and now.

And the resulting benefit is that your mind is then able to let go of all the stress and anxiety for a while. It’s allowing your mind to take a break from all of life’s bullshit.

It’s just like when you’re completely absorbed in your own world, enjoying a fav hobby, reading an enthralling book, playing a sport, etc.

You’re not thinking about anything else. You’re “in the zone” and just having fun.

And when you’re able to be in this state of mind, you’re not stressing out. You’re relaxed yet attentive.

The same principle applies here with shower mediations.

It’s all about relaxing and really focusing your mind on the enjoyment of the shower and all the good feelings you’re getting.

When you combine the mental stress release with the physical soothing shower, it’s a double dose of goodness. It’s a total mind and body release - completely relaxing.

Step-By-Step Guide To A Shower Meditation

The good news here is that a shower meditation is not rocket science. You already know the basics of taking a shower.

What the shower meditation is all about is slowing things down and paying more attention to what’s happening around you.

This isn’t a jump-in, jump-out quick shower.

Next, it doesn’t hurt if you can spruce up your bathroom a bit and turn it into a shower sanctuary for daily stress relief.

If not, no worries. Your basic setup will work just fine.

1) Prep Your Mind While Undressing

This all begins before you even get in the shower.

Normally, you strip down fast and just jump in. But not for this kind of shower.

Take your time undressing. And while you do, tell yourself that this is going to be a special little event.

No more dwelling about last month’s mistake, dealing with arguments at work, worrying about upcoming deadlines, etc.

This is all about cleaning your mind and body. It’s true self-care.

With each piece of clothing you take off, feel the freedom that comes with it. It’s like you’re liberating yourself from the day’s labor chains.

2) Turn On The Shower & Build Anticipation

Since it usually takes a few minutes for the water to warm up, use this time to settle your mind even further.

Use this 30-second slot to do just listen to the water spraying inside. Try to isolate your hearing to specific parts of where the water is making sounds.

Can you hear it spraying out of the showerhead?

Can you hear the jetstream of water hitting the side of the curtain or glass?

Or maybe, you can hear the water gurgling down the drain.

Also, see what’s happening.

Is there steam rising from the shower?

Can you follow one of the drops running down the side?

Is there a mini-whirlpool forming anywhere?

Use this time to build anticipation of what’s next.

3) Feel The Initial Soothing Rinse In Phases

As you step into the shower, do so in phases instead of jumping your whole body in.

First, get your feet and lower legs wet. Feel the water running down your leg, over your feet and through your toes. See and feel one stream of water working its way downward.

Move further into the shower spray and get your waist and upper legs wet. Pay attention to the pressure of the spray as it’s hitting your body as you rotate yourself.

Progress further upward and rinse your upper body and follow the same process of feeling the water hitting your skin. Try to feel one individual water jet if you can.

Then finally, close your eyes and step forward into the water spray to rinse your face and head. Feel your hair getting heavy as it gets wet. Feel the water rushing across your forehead, around your ears, down your face and neck.

Take several deep breaths and just listen and feel the water cascading from the top of your head all the way down to your toes.

4) Slowly Lather Up And Engage Your Senses

Grab your favorite bar of soap or body wash and start lathering up some suds. While you’re doing this, don’t rush it. You want to engage all five senses.

Pay attention to how the suds are forming or if there’s a particular hand pattern that you’re using to create the lather.

See how the lather is growing and expanding.

Can you feel how soft and delicate the foam is?

Next, take a minute here and smell the scents.

Is it cool and crisp, soft and flowery or vibrant and citrusy?

Now, slowly spread and apply the soapy lather one section of your body at a time, in your usual order. See and feel how the lather is spreading across your skin.

Imagine that it’s absorbing every single microscopic piece of dirt, grime and sweat residue from the day.

Do the same for your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Feel the soft lathery hair working its way in between your fingers while giving yourself a nice scalp massage.

5) Rinse And Visualize Stresses Being Washed Away

Before you rinse your lathered-up body, take a minute and just stand there, away from the shower spray and feel all of the surface toxins being enveloped by the soap and shampoo.

Now, slowly step into the stream of water and feel the lather carrying away all of the toxins and bacteria down your body. See the dirty soapy streams traveling toward the drain and down into it.

Then, close your eyes and visualize all of the stressors in your mind being washed away right along with the soapy water - down the drain.

Every single mental piece of anguish, worry, fear, etc. is just being cleansed from your mind.

When all the suds are gone, take a few deep breaths and feel how much better your feel, both physically and mentally.

6) Dry Yourself Thoughtfully

The same idea of slowing things down applies here too. This isn’t about a rapid wipe down with the towel. You gotta slow it down.

Grab your towel and be more methodical with drying yourself.

Really feel the towel’s fabric against your skin as you slowly dab and rub yourself dry. Be more tender to yourself instead of the normal rough rubbing that takes place.

Feel how clean and dry your skin is. Work each part of your body like how you’d dry a newborn baby - with care and attention.

7) Post-Shower Gratitude

Before getting dressed, take a minute and do a micro gratitude session while you’re in the buff.

Think about just one thing that you’re grateful for.

It could be something positive that happened to you recently. Maybe, a small victory at work that you’re proud of. Or more simply, things that you often take for granted - like a warm shower. 😉

There are a million things that you can be grateful for. You just don’t think about it ever.

It’s time to change this. And with this small tiny change, it will lead to more happiness, guaranteed.

Not many people know this but, simple little gratitude sessions like this are the secret to triggering happiness in your life.

It’s the cherry on top of the shower sundae.

It really helps to lock in all the good vibes that you created during the shower meditation. It does a lot more than you think.

Cleansing Your Mind & Body Never Felt Better

You shower every day (well, at least we hope you do). Most of the time, it’s just a routine daily task that you don’t think much about and that’s a huge mistake.

You have this slice of time all to yourself without any interruptions. It’s truly your little bit of “me-time” that you’ve got. It’s a precious part of your day.

You gotta take advantage of it and use this time to decompress, relax and cleanse your mind and body. Make it part of your easy evening routine for stress-free mornings.

Since taking a shower and meditating are both calming and mood-lifting activities, why not just double up the goodness for a complete package?

It’s a great way to end the day and it’ll help you drift off into dreamland that much faster.

It’s time to make your shower more than just a shower - make it special.

Feel Better,

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