Module 3: Maintain Stress Immunities (3 min)


> Building and maintaining your stress immunities is important
> You must make room in your day to take care of yourself
> Small gains in maintaining stress immunities will build up

All the stuff you've read up until this point is focused on the science of stress and how to proactively manage work stress. This next module is all about building up and maintaining your defenses to stress.

There are hundreds of ways to reduce stress and build up stress immunities. We’ve reviewed many of them. And for the most part, they’re all pretty good. But, it gets confusing on where to start and which ones to start with.

We simplify it into 5 main categories to build up and maintain your stress defenses:
1. Get More Sleep
2. Start Meditating
3. Eat Healthy
4. Exercise
5. Socialize

None of these should be a surprise for you. But, how many of us actually do at least 3 of them consistently on a daily basis? Not many.

The reason why we don’t is mainly due to the fact that we don’t have the time, desire or discipline to do it.

This has gotta change.

Because if we can do a little of each of the 5 categories consistently every day, we’ll see immediate gains in our well-being and get so much better at killing stress. And, that’s the whole point.

The single biggest thing you must do is make room for these activities in your day.

There are only 24 hours in a day. You can’t make more time. You have to prioritize and block off time for this to work.

You have to take care of yourself first and foremost. Then, you're in a better position to help others.

So, we’ve explained the options here with flexibility. In each of these 5 categories, there are several methods, tips and techniques you can try. Give them all a shot. Find the best one that you can stick with and once you’ve mastered it, try another one.