Are you getting pulled in a million different directions at work?

Is it a serious struggle to stay on top of all the tasks that need to be completed? 

Multiple projects with overlapping deadlines, bitchy/asshole coworkers, an exploding inbox, unrealistic upper management demands, etc. are all adding to your daily stress.

And this is on top of the stress that’s already happening outside of work!

We get it because we go through the same shit.

It feels like we’re losing control of our own lives and things are rapidly spiraling downward. We want to push the escape button and get away from it all. Unfortunately, that button doesn’t exist.

So, we look for ways to pull ourselves back up and improve things.

It’s not that we don’t want to work. We do.

But, we desperately want to be happy, healthy and productive, not sick, overworked and perpetually stressed-out all the damn time.

This is why we created Cubicle Therapy.

It’s for you and me...for us.

Cubicle Therapy is an online resource to better manage work stress and bring more balance, control and happiness into our daily work lives.

We do this by sharing practical and helpful ideas, insights, tips, products and services to help you get through the workday and ultimately, ‘feel better’ (our cool little two word motto).

Since this is probably your first visit, start with our guide on quick stress relief here. Read through it and put the tips to work this week.

Then, poke around the site, read our posts and if you feel that we’re helpful, check-in every few days for new stuff.

Feel Better,
The Cubicle Therapy Team