• Vacation email auto-replies are important to keep things stable
  • Provide dates and alternate contacts in your auto-reply message
  • Use auto-replies so that you can fully disconnect and relax
It’s been way too fucking long since you’ve had a break from work. Day in and day out you bust your ass knocking out all of the important grunt work that keeps the company running. There have been countless times when you put in extra hours to get shit done.

Now, you’ve finally found the time and the opportunity to take some well-deserved time off from the madness of work life. This time, you’re taking PTO for real - like totally and completely disconnecting from work. There will be no checking email or calling into work. Taking a real vacation is key to managing work stress.

You’re not one to just drop everything and take off. Nope. You close out all of your key tasks, tie up all loose ends and get things sorted and in order before taking off for vacay. This includes setting up your email autoresponder.

Why It’s Important To Set Up Your Vacation Autoreply Email

Email - it’s unquestionably the most important communication tool invented since the printing press. Almost everything you need to take care of and manage in life, whether it’s at home or the office or anywhere else for that matter, some level of email comm is required. Not a day goes by without using email, at least until you hit your vacay that is.

It’s hard to imagine how the world operated without email, but it did, albeit at a much slower pace. Today, the instant communications of email have accelerated the pace of business exponentially. And, it’s generally accepted that everyone needs to respond to relevant work-related emails, particularly ones that are related to your projects.

It’s uncommon for people to announce their vacation plans to everyone at work and their extended network out of the office. Nobody does this except for those annoying AF coworkers who want to rub it in your face. If anything, most people will notify their boss (duh), teammates, project members and maybe a few key business partners.

Those hundreds or even thousands of other contacts you work with won’t know about your vacation plans. And unless you set up a vacation autoreply message, they’ll all be under the notion that you’re still working and will expect some kind of response. You don’t want to be one of those unresponsive coworkers.

So, it’s always a good idea to set up your email autoreply. It gives them a heads-up that you won’t be responding until after you get back from your vacation in Bali. This way, all of your contacts will know that there will be no reply until you get back. And when you do, most will recognize that you’ll need a few days to get back in the zone and catch up on things.

It also allows you to provide alternate contacts for your projects so that when there are fires to put out, your contact can follow up with your delegated coworkers to handle things before shit hits the fan while you are out.

Formal And Fun Examples Of Vacation Autoreplies

Setting up your email autoreply is one of the last things you’ll do before taking off for your extended mental break. It’s a small thing but it has a huge positive impact.

Here are the three key core things that you have to have in our vacation autoreply:

1) Tell ‘em you’re on vacay
2) Duration of vacay
3) Alternate contacts for help

You can create a short autoreply with those three core items. Don’t be one of those peeps that write a novel for an autoreply. Those are annoying AF.

Depending upon your company culture and generally accepted norms for your industry, you’ll want to set up an appropriate email autoreply that aligns with your profession and personality. It’s a fine balance between those two.

You don’t want to be too formal. Yet, you also don’t want to be wacky and immature. Only you know what will work best for your situation and your personal brand at work.

Here are some examples of standard vanilla vacation autoreplies along with some more fun and creative ones.

Basic No-Frills Vacation Autoreplies

These are your standard vacation auto-replies. They’re straightforward and simple. These will work for everyone in all situations.

Full complete version:
Thank you for your email. I’m on vacation from [start date] to [end date]. I will be back in the office on [date]. I will respond upon my return. For immediate support, please contact [name] at [email].

Short and to the point:
On vacation until [end date]. For urgent issues, please contact [name] at [email].

Specific alternate contacts:
I am on vacation until [end date]. For urgent issues, please contact:
[Project Name 1]: contact [name] at [email]
[Project Name 2]: contact [name] at [email]
[Project Name 3]: contact [name] at [email]
For all other urgent items, please contact [name] at [email]

Fun & Creative Vacation Autoreplies

If your company culture and/or your personality lends itself to being a bit more fun and less stodgy, then you can sprinkle some creativity into the mix.

Beachy vibe:
Toes in the sand and beer in hand until [end date]. For any urgent issues, please contact [name] at [email] because I won’t check email until I return.

Touring another city or country:
I’m in [city/country name] for vacation until [end date] and will be fantasizing about early retirement. For urgent issues, contact [name] at [email].

The world won’t end:
I’m checked out from work until [end date]. The world will be just fine without me. If it’s something really important, you can contact [name] at [email].

Disconnect to reconnect:
I’m on vacation until [end date] to disconnect from work and reconnect with life’s priorities. For urgent issues that simply can’t wait, contact [name] at [email].

Annual family trip:
It’s that time of the year again. I’m on my annual family vacation until [end date]. You know the drill. I’ll get back to you after my break. If it’s truly urgent, please contact [name] at [email].

Winter wonderland:
I’m enjoying a winter vacation swooshing down the slopes until [end date]. For urgent issues, contact [name] at [email]. 

Escaping winter blues:
I’m off to sunnier and warmer climates until [end date]. If your email is urgent, please contact [name] at [email]. Stay warm!

Taking a mental break:
Taking a mental break from all the madness until [end date]. For urgent matters, please contact [name] at [email]. 

Road trip:
On a road trip adventure to [place] until [end date]. If it’s urgent, please contact [name] at [email]. 

Flying across the globe:
On the other side of the globe for some me-time until [end date]. For urgent items, please contact [name] at [email]. 

Set Up Your Vacay Autoreply & Go Effin’ Relax

Going on vacation is something we all look forward to - the opportunity to press pause on life and recharge our batteries away from our chaotic office life. During this much-needed break, however, we still need to make sure that shit doesn’t go off the rails while we’re out. Otherwise, we end up coming back to a worse situation.

Setting up a vacation autoresponder can help you unplug worry-free and allow your colleagues and outside contacts to know that you’re on a well-deserved break. It will also provide an alternate contact to handle urgent issues while you’re out.

By taking a few minutes to set up your vacation autoreply before your leave, it will allow to you fully disconnect from work and leave all the bullshit behind to fully relax. And, it’ll provide alternate support for others during your mental break so shit doesn’t turn into a giant mess while you’re out.

So, set it up and go chillax!

Feel Better,

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