Working from home means that you don’t have to wear pants. Be smart and plan ahead for working in your undies and you’ll never get outed.
For most of the working world that slave away in offices, having to abide by the company dress code can be a real hassle, especially if the dress code is business formal like in banking and legal industries.

Having to wear, clean and maintain a wardrobe just for work is annoying. It can also cost you some serious bucks if you’ve got to get some of the clothes dry cleaned.

So, when you have the ability to work from home, it’s a godsend.

No getting up super early.

No more shitty commute. more getting dressed up for work!

It’s one of the best damn benefits of working from home.

There’s something so fucking liberating about not having to get dressed up and just being able to wear your fav comfy outfit.

If you’re lucky enough to not have to show your face and only have audio calls, then you’re golden. You can work out of your pajamas or sweats all day long. Or, if you’re really crazy, go full-on naked and prance around in your birthday suit.

However, most people have to join at least a couple of video conferences during the day. And for some people, video calls are the standard format for meetings. So, WFH dress codes still matter for video calls.

But, the thought of working without pants on has crossed your mind, right?

Of course, it has.

That’s why you’re reading this article.

However, before you go pants-less, you need to master a few things so you don’t get busted by your coworkers or worse, your boss or clients.

A Basic Guide To Working Without Pants

Unless your company is ultra-conservative, most employers will allow for some flexibility in dress code while you’re working from home. Most will provide a little leeway, but nothing drastic.

For example, if the normal office dress code is suit-n-tie, then the WFH arrangement may be tie-less long-sleeved dress shirts. Or, if it’s usually business casual, then collared polos. You get the idea.

Just take a look around at what your coworkers and your manager are wearing during video calls and use that as your benchmark.

And, whatever the WFH dress code benchmark is, you need to stick with it for the upper half of your body. But, you can be free from the waist down.

Just be sure to follow these guidelines below and you’ll be set.

1) Always Preview Yourself 

Whether you use WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other web conferencing tool, there is usually a preview function. This will allow you to see yourself before going live with the video.

Always check yourself in preview mode before joining the meeting. More specifically, make sure that the camera angle isn’t capturing your underoos. To be safe, angle the camera upward slightly so that it’s only showing your shoulders and up.

Don’t make the same mistake as this Good Morning America reporter.

VIDEO: Reporter Caught With No Pants
YOUTUBE: Inside Edition
LENGTH: 1:48

2) Check The Mirrors & Reflections 

There are countless examples of Instagram and other social media selfie fails where the person wasn’t aware of other mirror viewing angles or reflections in the photo. This usually leads to some embarrassment.

All it takes is one little tell-tale giveaway and you’re busted.

So, look around your workspace and room for any mirrors or window reflections that might give away the fact that you’re pantless at your desk.

3) Wear Longer Length Shirts

Every now and then, people will tend to get animated during video meetings. Some use their hands and motion with their arms while they communicate. It’s part of how they express themselves.

If you fall into this bucket, you need to be sure that you’re wearing a longer shirt. The longer length will minimize the chances that you’ll show your stomach or the underwear band when you raise your arms.

If you’re less animated and more like just a talking head news reporter, then any normal shirt will work so long as it’s within the dress code.

4) Decent Boxers Or Tighty-Whiteys

Of the two styles of underwear for men, boxers have a bit more civility only because they look more like shorts. However, if you’re a briefs kinda guy, that's fine. There’s nothing wrong with sporting nut huggers.

Just don’t wear the ones that are years old with holes, skidmark stains and no elasticity left. You need to retire those permanently and toss ‘em in the trash.

Wear decent underwear that’s not falling apart and you’ll be fine.

5) Try Wearing Shorts Or PJs Too 

“No pants” doesn’t mean that you’re working exclusively in your underwear. You can also step it up a bit by throwing on a pair of shorts or even your pajamas.

Being spotted wearing only underwear down below on a call would be mortifying. However, if you were wearing shorts or PJs, it isn’t nearly as bad. But, it’s still kinda bad.

Wearing shorts or PJs also gives you the flexibility to step outside of your house if you needed to. Your neighbors probably have already seen you in your PJs or shorts anyway.

6) Never Get Up During Meetings

If you’re gonna go pants-free while working from home, it’s imperative that you get in the habit of staying in your chair during all video meetings.

This means taking care of your bathroom needs before the meeting starts and getting everything you need for the call on your desk and ready. This will ensure that you don’t have to get up from your chair.

Because if you do, your cover will be blown. So, keep your ass in that chair until the meeting is over, even if it’s a boring video conference call.

But, if you must get up from your chair then...

7) Always Turn Off & Cover The Camera

There have been tons of incidents where people don’t realize that their laptop camera or webcam is still on and that it’s still showing video.

You need to get in the habit of doing a two-step “off” process for your camera. First, disable it on the software program or web application. Second, physically cover the camera hole too.

You can cover the camera with a Post-It stickie note or even some semi-translucent tape (not clear) - that’s what Mark Zuckerberg has been known to do.

Make this a habit after each video call and as part of your WFH end of the day disconnection routine.

8) Be Mindful Of Others In The House

If your partner or roomies are also working from home, you need to respect their boundaries for their calls too.

Don’t go strutting into their workspace or area as Captain Underpants. They just might be on a video call. And, you getting spotted in the background prancing around in your BVDs or Jockeys can and will cause a lot of angst and grief.

Know where the safe zones are in your house for walking around in your undies and you’ll be good to go.

9) Get In The Right Mindset

It’s true that how you dress does have an affect on your mindset. For example, being all dressed up during an evening night out does make you feel better and makes the event special. The same could be said for when you workout.

Since how you dress can have an impact on your mindset and attitude, does not wearing pants mean that you’ll turn into a cyberloafing slacker at home?

Maybe. But, it all really depends on how you go about it.

If being pants-less gives you more comfort and allows you to focus better, go for it. However, if you find yourself slacking off more than usual, then it’s time to reconsider wearing some shorts, sweatpants or jeans.

10) Put On Pants & Get Outside For Breaks

You can’t and shouldn’t work all day without taking breaks. It’s not good. Having a bit of mental downtime between tasks is important for managing work stress.

You need to step away from the desk every so often and take a few minutes to chill for a bit before diving into the next task. And, it’s always better to get outside for some fresh air and also relieve your eyes from digital eye strain.

So, when you’re feeling the stress building up and you’ve got some time before your next task or call, put on pants and take a walk outside. You can always take them off when you get back.

Business Up Top & Chillax Down Below

There’s nothing wrong with going pants-less while you’re working from home. Especially, if it improves your comfort, helps your productivity and allows you to get in the zone with work.

You just need to be smart about it.

Since nobody can see your bottom half while you’re sitting at your desk during a video conference meeting, you can get away with not having to wear any pants.

Plus, there’s that little added bonus of having less clothes to take off during your WFH nooner with your partner. 😉

Here’s the bottom line - as long as you are productive and can get all your shit done on time and on target, what you wear or not wear below the equator doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your upper half is presentable.

So, go ahead and sport those skivvies while you bang away at the keyboard and yap on during the video calls.

We’ll be doing the same thing too.

Feel Better,

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