When you and your partner are both working from home, take advantage of the situation and have some fun sexercise during lunch. It’s an incredible way to relieve work stress and tension.
If there’s one thing that’s totally not doable at the office, it’s having sex during the day at work. Getting caught having sex in the storage room closet during work hours will definitely get your ass canned on the spot.

But, you’re working remotely from home now. And, so is your partner.

This is an incredible opportunity to do something that you can’t ever possibly do during normal working situations - daytime sex. Yeah, baby!

As you’re working on the laptop, you shoot flirty glances every now and then at your partner when you’re able to catch their attention. They smile and return the favor.

You can feel the good vibes building and you know that if you continue to play your cards right, you’ll be getting some action today.

When lunchtime comes around, both of you are now primed and ready to romp and get it on.

You make your moves and signal for the bedroom. The anticipation is immense as you guys tear off your clothes and immediately start making out and eventually, bumping uglies.

Welcome to the world of nooners - lunchtime sex.

Why Sex Breaks Are Great Stress Relief

We all know that sex feels great, but how does it actually help to relieve stress?

Here’s how it works - sex reduces the negative effects of hormones related to stress and anxiety such as cortisol and adrenaline by boosting the production of endorphins and oxytocin.

Endorphins are the brain chemicals that boost your mood and help to trigger feelings of euphoria and general well-being. While oxytocin stimulates the release of relaxation and that warm fuzzy feeling of being loved and cuddled.

When both of these hormones are released via sex or other means, they help to wipe away and reduce the buildup of all the stress hormones.

Several studies, including this study of women and sexuality from Arizona State University, found that sex and physical intimacy led to the women feeling less stressed and in a better mood.

And for the guys, this study from The American Journal of Cardiology points out that men who have sex two or more times a week have less stress and risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks or strokes.

Put more simply, sex is one of the best ways to manage stress.

The midday quickie is an opportunity to really escape the bullshit and stresses of work. It’s like a little mind vacation.

Lunchtime Is The Perfect Time To Bang

When you’re working remotely from home, all your meetings and calls are online while at the office, it’s a mix of in-person meetings and calls.

What ends up happening is that you’re stuck at your desk for extended periods of time. This isn’t good for your health. You need to get off your effin’ ass and move around every once in a while.

But sometimes, on really busy days with back-to-back calls and meetings, you’re pretty much stuck at your desk. You don’t have a choice really.

However, when it’s time for lunch, you’ve got that hour or so to get away from all the bullshit. It’s important that you take a break because there are real dangers to working through lunch.

The lunch hour is your hour, not the company’s.

So, not answering IMs, emails, phone calls etc. isn’t a big deal and won’t cause a big rift with your coworkers or manager, unless you have an asshole boss, which is another story altogether.

This uninterrupted block of time is the perfect part of the day to mentally separate yourself from work and go for a romp in the bedroom.

Not only will you be relieving stress, but you’ll also be getting some legit exercise. It’s called sexercise!

Nooners also help to relax and recharge you. It’s a kick-ass release of tension that brings on waves of relaxation that allows you to mentally wipe the slate clean for a fresh start in the afternoon.

Tips For Having Sex During Lunch

Having nooners during the day is pretty straightforward. It’s not like you need to have some elaborate planning or setup. But, there are some things to consider to make it a really fun and stress-free affair.

With a little planning, you can make lunchtime love a normal part of your work from home workday.

1) Check-In With Your Partner

While you may be totally up for a nooner, not everyone wants to have sex during the day. So, it’s a good idea to check-in with your partner about it.

Have a casual conversation with your partner and position it as a little wild-n-naughty thing the both of you could do during the workday. Because after all, there always seems to be that element of wanting something you can’t have or shouldn’t do, right?

Bringing that element of naughtiness can always bring a little bit of excitement to it all.

2) Playful Flirting Builds Anticipation

You know when you’re on your way to your fav restaurant and you’re thinking about what you’ll eat? That feeling of tasty anticipation?

It makes your dining experience so much more enjoyable.

Well, if you wanna really amp up your nooner, you need to apply the same principle here too. Only here, it’s subtly communicating and signaling the thoughts to your partner.

Maybe, it’s a wink from across the room, a quick smooch as you're walking by, a soft hand-glide across their ass cheek, etc. You get the idea.

And because you only have an hour for sex, the playful flirting is important as it acts as foreplay and gets the both of you primed-n-ready to jump into action when lunchtime rolls around.

3) Bang Before Eating

Sex is like exercise, really. So, it requires blood flow to all your working muscles plus your sex organs. And just like normal exercise, you wanna hold off on eating big meals beforehand.

When you have a full stomach, it needs more blood flow and energy to digest and process the food. So, more blood flows to your stomach than elsewhere like in your head. This is why “food coma” happens and you end up falling asleep at your desk.

So, don’t spoil your sex session with a full stomach. Instead, bang before lunch and get a mini workout in beforehand. It’ll make your lunch more relaxed and enjoyable too.

4) Leave Time For Post-Sex Clean-up

Sex is definitely fun. It’s also a bit messy at times. So, be sure to leave some time for after-sex clean-up tasks.

This could be a quick hop in the shower afterward. Or, you could even have some clean towels and wet wipes nearby beforehand. This will make the post-romp clean-up quick and easy. 

5) Don’t Do It Same Room As Workspace

It’s always better to have some separation between personal and work areas. When work stuff is out of sight, it makes it easier to keep it out of mind.

And, you definitely don’t want to be thinking about work while having sex. It can really kill your mood which will have a direct negative effect on your enjoyment.

So, if possible, keep your work area separate from the bedroom. And if you can’t because you live in a small place, then, at the very least...

6) Close Laptops & Mute Work Phones

There’s nothing worse than hearing your phone ring, chirp or vibrate while getting it on. It can be a distraction that throws things off, especially if you or your partner decides to check the notification.

Don’t let this happen! You’ll fucking ruin the moment.

Instead, shut down or close all of your devices including your laptop, phones (work and personal) and tablets.

This will ensure that you’re “in the moment” and present during sex. This is all about enjoying the here and now, not getting mentally detoured to work bullshit.

Plus, it’s also an extra measure of security that none of your sex activities get mistakenly captured by work webcams. After all, people are getting busted for not wearing pants while WFH and other more egregious activities.

7) Prep & Check Yourself Afterwards

While you may be in a state of euphoria after your nooner, it’s not a good idea to look like you got laid during lunch.

Every work from home person eventually needs to be on a video call, whether it’s a scheduled one or an impromptu one. You need to get your shit together and be ready. After all, work from home dress codes still matter.

So, do a quick self check in the bathroom before heading back to your desk. Maintaining your WFH business image will help keep your personal brand on the up and up.

It’s Time To Get It On!

When you and your partner are both working from home, nooners are a kick-ass perk that you need to take advantage of because it’s never an option when either of you are working at the office.

Be grateful that you have this kind of opportunity. Because after all, gratitude is the secret to happiness.

A midday sex break is your personal halftime during your working day. It’s a time to release the tension and stress built up from the morning and also, relax and recharge for the afternoon ahead.

You’ll be refreshed and ready to get in the zone with work and kick-ass.

So, if and when your schedules align, put the flirtatious vibes out there and work your mojo to get your partner revved up for what’s ahead at lunchtime.

Because, it’ll be the best kind of lunch break ever.

Feel Better,

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