When you’re working from home, wear comfortable clothes that allow you to focus. When needed, stay “presentable” up top while being chillax to max down below.
You’re working remotely from home now. And, it’s fucking awesome.

No getting up early and scrambling to get out the door.

No stressful commute to and from the office.

No noisy office to contend with.

When it’s time to start your day, it’s just a matter of rolling out of bed, getting freshened up, grabbing that first cup of coffee and then taking a few steps to your home office desk.

It’s the ideal morning routine that allows you to slowly ramp up into your workday, not like the normal morning circus act.

It’s much more chill now.

In fact, you’re probably still wearing your PJs or other home loungewear and don’t have any plans to change out of them. After all, it’s not like you’re going outside anytime soon.

But then you wonder, is it okay to work in your PJs all day?

Should you change into “work clothes”?

The short answer is yes to the first and no to the second.

Here’s why.

Why Working In PJs Is So Awesome

There are a ton of simple things in life to be happy about.

It’s the sounds of birds chirping in the morning, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, happy dog kisses, colorful autumn leaves, finding Waldo, etc.

Want more?

Check out these 101 reasons to smile and you’ll see a bunch that will make you feel a bit giddier.

And right up there among them all is being able to work from home in your go-to fav pajamas.

It’s a carry-over behavior from when you were a kid, getting up during the weekend, heading to the living room to watch Saturday morning cartoons and lounging around in your Underoos.

It never gets old - everyone still does it.

Only now, you’ve extended it beyond just the weekend to your work from home weekdays. And there’s nothing wrong with that and here’s why.

Simply Because You Can 

Ever get that rebellious feeling when somebody says you can’t do something? Or that you’re not allowed to do something?

There are a lot of HR and productivity-minded folks that say that you shouldn’t work in your PJs and instead, change into real work clothes to get in the right mindset.

Pfft - whatever.

You’re gonna rock your pajamas anyway and...still get shit done!

You have the opportunity, so take advantage of it.

Less Work In The Morning 

Let’s face it - having to pick out what to wear to work can be an annoying daily chore. You’re standing there, staring at your closet full of clothes and trying to figure out your outfit for the day.

When you’re working remotely from home, you don’t need to get dressed for work. It’s one less thing you have to think about and do.

Just roll with what you got on. Simple easy-peasy.

Soft And Comfortable

Getting dressed to the nines and looking like a million bucks is good to do every once in a while for the right events and occasions. However, at the end of the night, it feels sooo good to get out of those clothes and slip into your home loungewear.

Pajamas are so damn comfortable. There are no muffin-top side effects, no tight bunched-up creases, no itchy underlayers, etc. They’re loose-fitting and not restrictive, perfect for sleeping. That’s what they’re made for.

But, you can wear ‘em anytime, including when you’re WFH. And when you’re feeling comfortable, you’re able to focus and get in the zone with work.

Breathable, Warm And Cool

PJs strike that perfect balance of keeping you warm yet at the same time, not overheating you. This is because most are made from breathable cotton.

A really good set of pajamas can carry you through chilly winter mornings all the way through the warm summer starts. They keep you warm on cold days and cool on warm days magically.

Think of PJs like your very own wearable climate control system, only without all fancy tech. It’s set at the right temperature for you - unlike at the office.

Less Laundry To Do

When you can cycle through or alternate sets of pajamas, you’re not having to wear your normal work clothes. This results in much less dirty laundry to do later on.

And, having fewer chores to do at the end of the week will make your weekends feel longer.

It can also save you some serious cash if you normally have to get your work clothes dry cleaned. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of having to drop-off and pick-up your clothes.

Tips For Wearing PJs While Working From Home

There are some general tips and guidelines that are good to follow when you’re working in your home loungewear. It’s nothing groundbreaking or shocking, but worth mentioning because some of us forget.

Take a read through and you might pick up a couple of things.

Mind Over (Dress) Matter

What you wear does have an impact on your attitude and behavior.

It’s like how you feel more confident and/or attractive when you’re dressed up for a special occasion. You feel good about how you look. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, when you’re just wearing pajamas, you’re totally relaxed.

Does this mean that wearing PJs will automatically turn you into a lazy, do-nothing, cyberloafing desk jockey at home?


This is all about your mindset.

When you associate comfort with productivity, it can work in your favor. Meaning, when your body is comfortable, it allows your mind to be more focused on work and less on the pinches, creases and uncomfortably tight work clothes.

Business Up Top & Pajamas Down Below

Even though you’re working remotely from home, you still have to join meetings and calls every now and then.

If your company only does audio conferencing, then you’re golden. You can wear your PJs all day long and nobody will ever know. Hell, you could even go pants-free too.

For the rest of us, having to join video conference calls means that you’ll have to be presentable from the waist up for these meetings. This means that the pajama top has gotta go and you’ll need to put on something more appropriate that matches your company’s dress code.

There is such a thing as WFH dress codes for these kinds of situations. So, keep it business up top and pajamas down below.

Rotate Your Pajamas With Other Loungewear

Charlie Brown and Waldo are allowed to wear the same outfit all day every day. It’s part of their character identity. But not for you.

Wearing the same PJs every day will get boring. So, mix it up with a second set of PJs or even rotate in some of your other home loungewear, like your stay-at-home sweatpants and/or athleisure outfits, that will add a bit of variety.

Plus, if you’re sporting sweats or athleisure stuff, you can step outside during the day when you’re starting to lose your shit from WFH cabin fever. You won’t look out of place versus going out in your PJs.

Ditch The “Holey” PJs And Buy New Ones

Yeah, those PJs that you’ve had since college that look like they’ve been through combat need to be permanently retired.

If your pajamas have become “holey”, lost elasticity or generally look like they’re falling apart at the seams, you need to ditch those and get yourself a new set.

Go with traditional cotton, stay away from poly blends which tend to trap heat. You want breathable cotton.

If you wanna up your PJ game, then step up to a set of silk pajamas and enjoy the smooth-n-silky comfort that they provide. You can rock silk PJs like Hugh Hefner does all day.

Don’t Forget About Your Feet

Your feet are part of the outfit here too. Treat them with some soft cushy slippers or more simply, plain cotton socks.

Cold feet can be really distracting when you’re trying to work. So, keep those dogs warm during the fall and winter months. And when it’s warm, go caveman style with bare feet. Just watch out for those Lego landmines. 😉

Rock Those PJs And Do Kick-Ass Work

Let’s be honest here. You’re already working from home in your pajamas. You just wanted some kind of confirmation that it’s okay to do so.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s totally cool. You have our official approval.

As long as you’re productive and getting all of your shit done on time, go ahead and wear those PJs while cranking away on work.

It’s results that matter.

When the clothes you’re wearing aren’t distractions of discomfort, it allows your mind to spend all of its energy on the tasks for the day.

Be comfortable. Be Happy. Be productive.

Feel Better,

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