• Ritualize your beer drinking for more enjoyment
  • Slow down and focus your mind on the beer
  • Be “in the moment” to relax and destress
It’s been one of those days at work. You know the kind. All of the craziness, bullshit and chaos has beaten you down, but not beaten you out.

You’ve got just enough energy left in your tank to stay awake on your commute home. You barely make it.

After setting foot inside your home and unloading all of your crap, all you really want to do is just vegetate and chill the fuck out for the rest of the night.

You need this downtime to recover from all of the stupid meetings, endless emails, last-minute urgent tasks, arguments with coworkers and overdue deadlines.

The one thing that you can look forward to now is getting some grub and maybe even knocking back a brew or two.

You don’t give it much thought. It’s a simple affair. Maybe a microwave dinner, pizza or burger paired with whatever beer you have in the fridge. It’s whatever is easiest with the least amount of effort.

Then, you plop your ass in front of the TV while munching on dinner and gulping down some fizzy hops.

This is kind of normal routine works, but you’re missing out on something special.

It’s time to learn about beer meditations.

What Does Meditation Have To Do With Beer?

It may seem odd to have “beer” and “meditation” in the same sentence, but hear us out on this one.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about meditation is someone sitting in a contorted position with their eyes closed and chanting weird sounds like some possessed person.

But that’s a stereotype that isn’t reflective of today’s modern meditation.

We can go on for days about how and why meditating is supremely important to your mental health. It’s one of the best ways to manage work stress.

But, we’re here to introduce you to beer meditations.
A lot of people have this preconceived notion that meditation is all about “emptying your mind of all thought” and mentally detaching yourself into some otherworldly state of mind.

Well, if you’re a Buddhist monk in a monastery, then yes, that’s one of the ultimate goals.

But, you’re not a Buddhist monk. You’re an office desk jockey in the corporate rat race that just wants to destress.

And, meditation is one of the best ways to do that.

The whole point of meditation is to let all the bullshit go for a few minutes. It’s about just “being in the moment” of whatever you’re doing and not thinking about shit from the past or what might happen in the future.

It’s focusing your mind’s attention on what’s happening right now in the present. It’s like when you’re in the zone at work. You’re so focused on what you’re doing that you lose track of time.

The problem is that most of the time your mind is like a hyperactive kid all hopped up sugar. It can’t stop thinking about other things. It needs something to latch onto.

Traditional mediation uses your breathing as a focus target for your racing mind. But, in a lot of cases, that’s too simple and your mind goes batshit crazy and starts running around all over the place again.

So, the better alternative is to have your mind focus on something a bit more interesting or complex, something more enjoyable that it can really connect with.

This is where drinking beer becomes an ideal target for your mind to latch onto.

Drinking beer is relaxing and really enjoyable. So, it’s much easier for your mind to let go of all the other bullshit bouncing around inside and just focus on the enjoyment of sipping on some hops-n-barley.

And this is exactly the name of the game - letting go of all the stresses and anxieties clogging up your head and instead, just being relaxed “in the present moment”.

How To Do A Beer Meditation

Most people don’t give much thought to drinking beer, especially when it’s part of your normal routine. You don’t really pay that much attention to it.

And that’s when you’re missing out on a good thing.

Take a page from wine enthusiasts.

Fans of vino really take things to another level with their enjoyment of wine. Everything from the story of the vineyard, the type of grapes, the subtle flavors and colors and even how the wine weeps down the inside of the glass.

They’ve got wine meditations down to a true form of art and appreciation.

It’s time to do the same with beer.

Your golden nectar deserves more thoughtful attention than just gulping it down to quench your thirst.

You need to make it like a ritual to maximize the enjoyment. And, it doesn’t start with the beer, but when you actually leave work.

1) Disconnect From Work 

This can be a hard one to do. There are countless days when you’re leaving the office but there’s still some residual stuff from work that is still bouncing around in your head.

It’s could be simple things like the boring conference call, what you forgot to do that day, thinking through the office politics of the latest project, why you shouldn’t nuke coffee in the microwave etc.

Or, on bad days when shit hits the fan, it could be all the fires you’re putting out and how things are going south real fast.

No matter where things fall in the spectrum, you must fully disconnect from work and leave all the bullshit behind.

Here’s a trick - you know the metal detectors at the airport?

Imagine that the office building’s main entrance is like a giant metal detector but in this case, instead of detecting metal, it’s a mind eraser for work bullshit. The moment you pass through the doorway, it wipes away all work thoughts.

Poof! Gone.

Don’t worry about that shit for the rest of the night. There’s nothing you can do about now. It’ll all be there tomorrow anyway.

2) Shift Into Relax Mode

The commute home sucks - we know. Fighting through traffic and dealing with asshole drivers at the end of the workday can drain what little energy you have left.

So, instead of burning it up on pointless anger, turn the stressful commute into relaxing me-time. This will allow you to use the drive home as a transitional decompression session.

By the time you get home, you’ll be in a much better state of mind.

Build upon this by changing out of that business garb and into your fav home loungewear. Sweats and tees are perfect. They feel so damn comfy.

This physical change will also trigger a mental shift into full-on relax mode.

3) Grab A Brew & Get Set Up

Now, this is where the good stuff really starts. Head to the kitchen and grab an ice-cold beer and some simple finger snacks.

Don’t worry about getting dinner sorted out - that’ll be for later. Right now, this is just about the beer and some light snacks like chips, pretzels, nuts, etc. Easy stuff.

Now, instead of automatically turning on the TV, you want to get set up differently here because the TV will just be a distraction and it’ll take away from the experience.

No TV, cyberloafing or any kind of web surfing. This is a singular focused activity that will help you unplug and digitally detox yourself.

You want to get situated in a spot where you can relax and enjoy the beer without any crazy distractions. This could be your patio, balcony or hell, even the front stoop.

You could just sit on your couch or the kitchen table, but it won’t have the same effect. Try finding a spot outside.

Sit your ass down with a beer in hand and a bowl of some snacks. 

4) Build The Anticipation

Just like sex, you don’t want to just go right at it from the start. You want to build up the anticipation with some flirting, kissing, teasing, etc. Kinda like prepping for a nooner sex break when you’re WFH.

When you know that you’ll get the prize, it’s better to extend and prolong the journey with a bit of a ramp-up. And when it’s done right, the anticipation can make the reward even more enjoyable.

So, instead of just chugging the beer right away, stop and take in what’s happening before the act of drinking.

See how the condensation is forming and dripping down the side of the bottle or can.

Notice the colors, images, lettering on the label. If it’s craft microbrew, read through their little story on the label.

Think through the entire journey of the beer from the barley and hops grown in the fields all the way through the fermentation process, bottling, transport and how it got to your fridge.

This is just like watching her undress and seeing her in lingerie. It builds your anticipation.

5) Make The First Pour Really Count

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a bottle or can of beer being popped open. It triggers a Pavlovian response like no other sound.

But, it’s not just the sound. There’s also the sight and smells of the first pour that can really add to the experience.

And there’s a right way and wrong way to pour your beer into a glass. Contrary to popular belief, it’s good to have a healthy amount of foam in your beer.

This little 2-minute video will show you how to make the perfect pour.

VIDEO: A beer sommelier explains
YOUTUBE: Business Insider
LENGTH: 2:00
Summary points:
  • Pour down the side of the glass at first then down the middle
  • Don’t be a pansy with your pour, pour with vigor
  • Aim for about an inch of foam
As you make your first pour, you can see how the beer froths up and as it does, take in the fresh bouquet of clean crisp beer notes through your nose.

What specific scents can you pick out?

Is it light, floral or fruity?

Is it dark, smokey or rich?

See if you can isolate each of the scents. This will not only exercise your nose, but it will also prep your taste buds for what’s to come.

6) Savor The First Few Sips

It’s all comes down to these first few sips.

You’ve built up all the anticipation and teased you’re way through the first pour and now, it’s time to put your lips to the glass and take that first glorious sip.

Don’t fuck this up by chugging it. This ain’t a beer funnel from college. You’re an adult now in the working world, not a frat-boy doing a keg-stand.

Bring the glass to your lips and feel the foam spreading across the top of your lip.

Smell the aromas coming from the foam and wafting up into your nasal passages.

Feel that first cold sip of beer streaming in between your lips and into your mouth.

Sense the crispy tingling of the carbonation as the beer swishes around your tongue and in your mouth.

Is it light and lively or thicker and heavier?

What else do your mouth and tongue feel?

Now, shift your focus to what you’re tasting.

What flavors can you pick out?

Are there any fruity notes? Or, spicy tones? Or, smokey accents?

Work through all the flavors.

7) Broaden The Enjoyment 

After the first few sips, ease up on the intense focus and take it up to a broader level.

This is where you’re just enjoying the beer and relaxing. It’s broadening the relaxation of sipping the beer by taking in what’s happening in and around you.

Feel your breathing getting slower and deeper.

Feel the muscles in your neck and shoulders loosening up.

Notice that your heart rate is mellowing out.

Are you zoning out?

What other physical changes can you sense?

Then, shift your attention to what’s happening around you.

Can you feel any breezes?

What are the clouds like?

Can you hear anything in the distance?

At this very moment, you’re in full chillax mode just enjoying your brewski, nibbling on some snacks and not having a single care in the world.

Congrats, you’re officially in a beer mediation.

Other Beerful Tips

Here are a few extra bonus tips to really maximize your beer mediation experience. Most of these are common sense to most beer lovers, but we bet there’s at least one that you haven’t tried yet.

If you can follow a few of these, it’ll bring even more happiness and enjoyment to your frothy treat.

1) Keep Small Stock In The Fridge

There’s nothing more disappointing than wanting a cold beer and not having one ready to go - that’s a rookie mistake. So, don’t put yourself in this situation.

Always keep a small safety stock of beer in the fridge.

Most of us don’t have monster capacity refrigerators that can hold multiple cases of beer or moreover, a dedicated kegerator. So, aim to keep a few bottles, like a six-pack, in the fridge.

And, always re-stock when it gets low. Don’t be like driving on an empty tank.

2) Try New Flavors And Varieties

Don’t stray from your fav beer. Everyone’s got one. For Homer Simpson, it’s Duff beer and no other. You’ve got one too. It’s the go-to one that’s guaranteed to make you happy. So always keep a supply of that.

However, mix in some different microbrews, new flavors or seasonal varieties every once in a while. You just might discover a new kind of brew that tastes awesome. 

3) Store Mugs In Freezer 

You know when you get a frosty mug when ordering a beer at the bar or restaurant when you’re out? It feels special, right?

Well, treat yourself to the same thing at home by storing a few beer mugs in the freezer. There’s something extraordinary about seeing and feeling that thin frosty opaque layer on your beer glass.

It’s an easy way to give yourself a little something special.

4) Make Beer Ice Cubes For Summers

Cold beers on hot summer days are fucking awesome. What’s not so awesome is having a cold beer go warm. You gotta keep the momentum going.

Here’s a little beer hack - make ice cubes with beer and use those beer cubes in your cold beer during the hot summer days.

It’s an ice-cold beer from start to finish - yeah, baby!

5) Use An Ice Bucket Or Pot

Don’t want to interrupt the beer state of mind by having to get up and grab another beer from the fridge?

No problem.

Buy a small bucket the next time you’re out shopping. Or, just use an empty cooking pot. In either case, fill it with ice and put your hoppy sodas in there to keep ‘em icy cold.

You’ll be good to go for a while until you need to go to the toilet and break the dam.

Don’t Just Drink Beer, Meditate With It

You put up with enough bullshit from work every single day. The evening beer is your one daily reward for getting through a rough day.

But now, you don’t take it for granted and rush through it. It means more to you than just drinking a beverage.

By slowing things down and really paying more attention to enjoying your beer, you’re better able to erase the stresses from the day, dial down the chaos in your head and shift your state of mind into a more chillaxing one.

This is not just drinking a beer.

This is your way to meditate.

Feel Better,

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